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Just dropped in to say hello!

I have a lot to learn about what sells here. From what I can tell so far, I need to photograph a wider diversity of subjects and get a TTL flash! It will take time to succeed here, if I can at all. I must be patient. Best wishes to you all. - Julie
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Posted: 02/06/2013, 20:16:36 PM
Hello, and welcome!

Good luck and I wish you the best.
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Posted: 02/06/2013, 23:00:55 PM
You can succeed if you just hang in there and keep uploading. Good luck and welcome aboard.
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Posted: 02/06/2013, 23:59:02 PM
Welcome and all the best!
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Posted: 02/07/2013, 00:16:09 AM
Thanks to everyone who stopped to greet. I hope that everyone will be successful from the shoot as well.
Posted: 02/07/2013, 01:56:12 AM
Hi Julie, welcome to DT!
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Posted: 02/07/2013, 05:52:41 AM
Welcome to DT. Just hang in there Julie, and keep uploading. Best of luck in the future and on your first sale. :)
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Posted: 02/07/2013, 08:43:55 AM
welcome to DT.
Beautiful images in your portfolio by the way ;-)
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Posted: 02/07/2013, 09:39:41 AM
Thanks for the compliment!
Thanks to all of you for your replies! It was fun to read them! :)
Nikon D90 and PS Elements 10
Edited: 02/07/2013, 12:27:21 PM
Hi Julie!
I know you will be successful with DT! Best wishes!
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Posted: 02/13/2013, 20:04:17 PM
Thanks Damon! :)
Nikon D90 and PS Elements 10
Posted: 02/14/2013, 13:47:08 PM