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Absolute beginner

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Hallo to everyone here!

I (living in Germany, mother of 3 children) am an absolute beginner in Stockphotography and its only just a few weeks, that I know about Stock. Never heard about it before.
Photography is my passion and so I love to see all your wonderful pix.

I don't have a professional equipment, because don't have the money. All the photos that I shoot, I do it with a point-and-shoot-camera and so I don't have great expectations to be accepted by DT.

I uploaded my first 25 photos last weeks wednesday and still not having received an answer....

But it doesn't matter because I will continue doing, what I love: taking photos and looking forward to see more wonderful pix here on this site.
...for the moment nothing professional
Edited: 02/08/2013, 06:45:06 AM
I am also from Germany!
Ich wünsch Dir viel Glück!!!
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Posted: 02/08/2013, 07:10:55 AM
I do wish you every success, but if you get some rejections dont take it personally, just try and learn as much as you can, and keep trying.
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Posted: 02/08/2013, 07:11:32 AM
Welcome and good luck, what type of images have you uploaded ?
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Posted: 02/08/2013, 08:42:45 AM
Welcome and don't get too discouraged if at first it seems difficult. Learn from the advice in the forums and replies from editors. Good luck.
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Posted: 02/08/2013, 09:12:19 AM
welcome, and good luck !
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Posted: 02/08/2013, 10:06:12 AM
thanx for the welcome and for motivating me!

In first line, my aim is to learn, to advance my knowledge, but it would be nice for my Ego, if some ofmy pix would be accepted.

@BCritchley - I've loaded up a mixture of nature and conceptional fotos and it's nerve-splitting, that still there is no reaction...I have to be patient....
...for the moment nothing professional
Posted: 02/08/2013, 12:08:46 PM
Can I just check, you say you have uploaded them, have you gone in to your unfinished area and given all the images titles, descriptions and keywords, ticked various boxes and submitted them for review. I ask because I have seen some new members just upload and wait, this will result in them not being reviewed.
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Posted: 02/08/2013, 12:18:26 PM
@BCritchley - it took me a day to realize that uploading wasn't enough ;-)
yes, I've done, as you say and now there is written: processed with image ID ......
so I think, it has all gone right...?
...for the moment nothing professional
Posted: 02/08/2013, 12:26:54 PM
So your images appear in your pending area, when you click on that button you get an ETR ( estimated time remaining ) to give you an indication on how long till they are reviewed. Tends not to go down much over a weekend. Good luck :)
180mm macro, Canon L 28-300, Canon L 24-70, 50mm prime f/1.4, 2 x Can...
Posted: 02/08/2013, 12:33:07 PM
It's a very long wait right now for images to go through the review queue. And then only to have your hopes dashed with rejections.

A point and shoot will work for stock but it will limit greatly what you can do.

Many beginners make the mistake of doing very little or no post processing. I hope you have software to help with the basics.

And most give up after the rejections. Very few bother to learn how to meet the standards required for an image. I suspect they were looking for easy money. And the lesson of easy money is a harsh lesson learned.
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Posted: 02/08/2013, 12:43:38 PM
@ Wisconsinart

when I signed in, I did not expect, to make a great deal, with my photos, BUT obviously I would like to be accepted, but only for my Ego, not for earning money. there are so many wonderful and extraordinary professional photos here - so I hope to learn more and more....
...for the moment nothing professional
Posted: 02/08/2013, 13:34:38 PM
This definitely is a place where you are forced to meet standards and discipline in order to be a professional. I prefer fine art but you can still be commercial AND creative.
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Posted: 02/08/2013, 16:32:26 PM
Welcome and good luck ... and patience ... I know that feeling ... :-)
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Posted: 02/08/2013, 16:57:21 PM
Welcome to DT and I wish you the best of luck. Sometimes it can take as long as 10 days. Good Luck!
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Posted: 02/08/2013, 19:37:06 PM
Hi and welcome to DT. Wish you much fun and good luck here.
Greetings from Austria
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Posted: 02/09/2013, 01:44:19 AM
thank you all!

@Drsmoky - your pic with the stork is so amazing. It's nothing, but wonderful!
...for the moment nothing professional
Edited: 02/09/2013, 07:43:14 AM
Hi Auenlaender, I only joined here a few weeks ago and have learned so much from rejections and other pros on here. I made the mistake of putting so many pictures on in the beginning that i thought were good but DT ripped them to bits. which I totally understand why now. Its a total learning curve and although it can be very frustrating and gutting at times it only makes you a better photographer and you learn very quickly because of it. there is also so many pictures I have submitted that have been approved that now I have learned more post processing skills I could have improved so much more and regret submitting before I learned a lot basic skills on Photoshop. The best advise I have have had is to learn to use Photoshop and keep your key words accurate, less is better if they are good key words. Read any of Reds & Bretts Posts they know what they are talking about and you will learn a lot, they great guys and very helpfull. Best of luck I look forward to see some of your pictures very soon. x
Edited: 02/09/2013, 17:45:07 PM
Thank you so much, Murdock, for your words and advice! I am really very tensed to know, what their answer will be and how I can improve my work.

Your pix are very nice and what a wonderful little girl. Your photos are so natural, harmony of colours and moves! All the best for you, too!
...for the moment nothing professional
Posted: 02/09/2013, 18:10:26 PM
You are so welcome. I know how you feel the suspense is killing!! and thanks for the compliments. My beautiful girls certainly make it easier to take pictures of them... I love taking pictures of them having fun, they are my life... x
Posted: 02/09/2013, 18:28:25 PM
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