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Where to put the photo studio?

New article posted: Where to put the photo studio?
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Posted: 02/09/2013, 11:37:00 AM
I would still use the room at the top and just pull up the carpet. If you are going to be using a backdrop the carpet won't be a problem then. I would not use the basement. Dark and dingy. I would also try and use a room with a little natural light. Goo luck
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Posted: 02/09/2013, 13:19:04 PM
I would use the BIGGEST room.

It matters how close/far the lights are to the subject. Same with the camera. More room, greater flexibility.

If you're doing "full scene" shots, feet and bottoms of props/furniture will sink into the carpet. That's a big deal if you're isolating the background from a subject. You can work around that by using plywood or cardboard but a solid surface is best.
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Edited: 02/09/2013, 14:38:27 PM
I also agree to the biggest room - in my case I'm sleeping in my "studio" because that was the biggest room - you seem to have more choice - congrats to the new home!
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Posted: 02/10/2013, 03:01:45 AM
Thanks for the tips everyone. I think I will try painting a sheet of plywood to lay over the carpet in the big upstairs room. It has lots of windows and a southern exposure. ,I love the way people are always willing to help out with ideas here.
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Posted: 02/10/2013, 10:54:39 AM
I've taken over the basement and had half the garage over the summer. lol. Depends on what you'll be doing and the lens you use.
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Posted: 02/12/2013, 16:52:44 PM
Thanks. I may just experiment and move the equipment around a meet to see what works.
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Posted: 02/12/2013, 18:04:31 PM
How is the new "studio" coming along ?????
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Posted: 04/10/2013, 09:02:09 AM
Thanks for asking. I am waiting for good weather to paint. The upstairs room I tried, but it is really too small. No reason I can't paint the garage and the basement this spring and use whatever works best for the task at hand. Paint is cheap and anything else can come later :-)
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Posted: 04/10/2013, 09:09:28 AM