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Is Dreamstime sending a 1099 for 2012?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered already. I can't find this info in the forums. Is Dreamstime sending a 1099 this year, for 2012?

Getting ready to do my taxes and want to wait until I have all my paperwork before I head to the accountant :)

Thanks in advance.
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Posted: 02/09/2013, 17:47:36 PM
Hi Lisa, I received mine on Feb 1st after inquiring. I was told that they were mailed on Dec. 30th (from Tennessee) so I suggest emailing support. That was the last form I needed too. It is my understanding that federal law says they have to be mailed by Jan. 31st.
Posted: 02/09/2013, 19:07:16 PM
I also received mine, Lisa. I believe they were mailed around Jan 31st, so it seems like you should have had yours by now.
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Posted: 02/09/2013, 19:18:24 PM
Hi Lisa, Im in upstate NY but havent recieved mine yet either
Posted: 02/09/2013, 20:27:32 PM
Haven't received mine yet, I live in California. Hope I get it soon.
Posted: 02/09/2013, 23:40:46 PM
Mine arrived. Thanks very much for the responses! Hope everyone gets their soon :)
etc. Favorite lens - Canon 24-70 F2.8L....
Posted: 02/11/2013, 14:11:39 PM
I got mine. I think they said at one point that if the total is less than $600 they are not sending a 1099. I am sure this is not the case for Lisa.
Posted: 02/11/2013, 16:09:33 PM