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Image review time

Now-a-days all my submitted images takes min 9-10 days for review. Is it with everyone or it depends on everyone's acceptance ratio.

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Posted: 02/11/2013, 01:10:30 AM
Images are reviewed as they come in the pending line. Users with higher approval ratios are not given priority.
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Posted: 02/11/2013, 01:32:39 AM
Yep, mine currently on 10 days & still pending with a further 35 hours - best idea is to just keep uploading so you've always got something in the queue & then it seems to go much quicker ;-)
Posted: 02/11/2013, 03:56:08 AM
Ok so i guess its normal then :) Is this new facelift to the website better? I find it slow sometimes and not very impressive looks.
Nikon D750 Nikon 24-120 mm F/4 VR Manfrotto 190xProB Tripod
Posted: 02/11/2013, 04:39:49 AM
Well... we need to wait Pending images: 119,918 too much uploads...
Posted: 1 minute ago
Around 10 days here also. Sometimes I get a suprise and a few go faster. :)
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Posted: 02/12/2013, 05:46:42 AM
Around 10 days too
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Everyone bailing out of xxxx
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Yep.. takes almost 10 days. But recently, I observed a few files proceeded quicker. Is it than photos take longer and illustration get processed quicker? May be.. just a guessing.
Posted: 02/19/2013, 08:48:11 AM
I am having a time for review of about 150-160 hours, that is 7 days. When I began with DT seven months ago, the time was much shorter, a two or 3 days at the most.
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Edited: 02/19/2013, 11:59:14 AM
It seems I was lucky this weekend. Uploaded on Sunday (DT says a review time of 9 hours (!!!!) and indeed monday evening everything reviewed and most accepted.

Let's hope that one on my latest images bring a lot of money :-)

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Posted: 1 minute ago
yes...it's a never-ending wait :s
Posted: 02/21/2013, 01:43:47 AM