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Its interesting that I didn´t find any message on this subject in DT forums, so let me ask the other photographers if you do have an Instagram account and if you are using it as a promotional tool by any means.

If you want to check mine, I am alexandreffagundes

Of course, any opinion on the subject is welcome.
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Posted: 02/11/2013, 21:44:44 PM
Go to message board, type in search "instagram'' and get 5 results! Interesting is last - here. Instagram is selling away user`s photos without permission and compensation! So, it is very bad ''promotional tool''...
I find about this in wikipedia, too.
Edited: 02/12/2013, 01:46:43 AM
Do you have any tool to measure the Instagram impact over your sales?
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Posted: 02/12/2013, 02:39:52 AM
If it is question to me
1. I am not photographer. My father is, but he is conservative and never use Instagram, Facebook and other. He says- your account can see only your friends, peoples, who know, where it is. You can use your home page as promotional tool, it is the same, but how much peoples in web are visiting your home page?
2. I think, such tool is impossible. You can only say:''While i use Instagram, my sales increase/decrease...''
Posted: 02/12/2013, 04:40:59 AM
Hi Linda81 and Bogdanzagan, sorry I posted this some days ago and never got back to it...

Yes, Linda81, there was a big issue with copyrights and Instagram a while ago, they said they lost thousands of users in a day or so.

They came back to the media saying it wasn´t really like that and so on...

Well, I won´t go there, if that is a problem or not, they were bought by Facebook and who knows what they ware thinking, but I know for sure they won´t have the guts to resell images of millions of people, that would be crazy and the liability would probably close the company.

Anyway, I don´t avocate to post your images of DT there, what I am doing is posting images I took in my iphone or images that were refused or didn´t sell here in low resolution and a link to my portfolio and collections. Kind of like making those images work for me in a different way instead of giving them for free as some other photographers do.

The images I took with my camera are all watermarked, I didnt bother with the iphone images, at least for now, but some of them started to turn out really good, maybe I should.

BTW, Instagram don´t allow you to reshare the images like Pinterest, Google+ or Facebook, so the only way is really to copy it and that would be a problem of copyright issue like any image on the internet.

I didn´t find many pro photographers there, but I did find a lot of creative people, some are designers, travel agencies, magazines, yes, you heard it, those people could be,..., buyers!

Anyway, the fun part is that its fun! You have to get used to the restriction of a square format with a cell phone camera, its a bit like taking pictures with only a 50mm lens, but this help train your eye, so I think its doing good to my photography.

About tools to measure sales increase, I don´t really have them, yes, I saw an increase in sales on the images I am linking to in my collections, but this probably is coming more from my Google+ posts, since I have more than 10.000 followers there and I have just 1000 in Instagram so far (but I am in Instagram for a month and a half and in Google+ for more than an year).

Well, that´s it, I was hoping I could find some fellow Dreamtimers there to hangout and have some fun, that´s all.
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Posted: 02/14/2013, 05:56:04 AM