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The magic of views

New article posted: The magic of views
Posted: 02/14/2013, 14:33:58 PM
Alenka, I really like your portfolio. You do have nice stock oriented images. All I think you need is time :) I am not very experienced on stock but I like your ideas and so on. Some or not sold so quick. Maybe somebody more experienced could say better thoughts. Keep going on until first sell shall come and then you will have another perspective :P
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Posted: 02/14/2013, 14:46:05 PM
Lots of views and low sales indicates that while the image has a lot of interest, you probably have a lot of competition for this subject. Do a search for pepper and see what comes up - how do you compare to your competition?
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Posted: 02/14/2013, 14:55:25 PM
Elena, you got a nice portfolio with a lot of beautiful images! I´am actually a newbe on DT but after what I have experienced my sales boosted (still at low level thou) at 150-200 downloads and when I diversified the topics. I checked some of your pics for keywords and they seem to be accurat. I am also an imagebyer and my experience on keywords are that they really need to be accurat and with as much synonyms as possible wich is´nt easy when your not write native english. I´am swedish and not native english and I find it really annoying when keyword ar´nt relevant when looking thru thousands of pix trying to fulfill my client need.
So, keep up and download :-)
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Posted: 02/14/2013, 15:23:18 PM
Hi Elena, some of my pictures get a lot of views until they made the first sale, but they made bigger sales. Then one picture was sold without views, but it was a subscription sale. So, it doesn't have much to do with the quality of the image. Maybe has to do with competition, but maybe has to do with the market. Business related type images sell faster, but they are more subscription sales. Then some fine art type images take much longer to sell, with hundreds of views, but once it made a sale, it could be a much bigger sale.
Posted: 02/14/2013, 15:56:46 PM
Your port looks good, im suprised you do not have a single sale in 6month or so? strange! keep uploading none stop you do need as big a port as possible nowadays......ahh if i could only follow my own advice :)
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Posted: 02/14/2013, 16:53:14 PM
Elena, try to be more descriptive in the titles of your images. They are very good images, but you have many titles repeated and uncompetitive.
Everything counts in competition to sell an image. Not only the picture quality. It is very important, the title correctly, putting effective keywords and descriptions vendors.
Cheers and good luck!
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Posted: 02/14/2013, 18:43:10 PM
There were number of discussions here on forum dedicated to 'meaning of views'. The principal comclusion is that there is no clear relation between number of views and number of sales. There is a funny thread where people show their most viewed images that have no sales, at all. So, there are images with 1000, 2000 and even 3000 views which nonetheless sell never,

As for me, I almost do not care about views. I only watch over images that have few views and no sales. Generally, it indicates a wrong keyworsing.

Your portfolio looks nice but I believe that titles-descriptions-keywords are not always accurate. Let me consider your nice image with tangerines:  Mandarins 

1) The title is 'Mandarins' and, as I think, it is not quite correct. Title should not be too long but it should contain the principal keywords. So, I would add 'tangerines' (because it is used more often comparing to 'mandarins') and 'isolated' (since white background is important feature of your image). The result would be 'Tangerines mandarins isolated' and don't mind if the title does not look as a regular sentence.

2) Your keywords are:

agriculture citrus close-up color cut dessert eating food freshness fruit green healthy ingredient isolated juice juicy leaf mandarin nature nobody orange organic raw refreshment ripe snack stem sweet tangerine tropical vegetarian vibrant vitamin white yellow

On my opinion, the following keywords are unnecessary:

- 'eating' (nobody eats in your image)
- 'ingredient' (in very rare cases tangerines are an ingredient)
- 'juice', 'juicy' (for sure, one can prepare a juice out of tangerines, but it does not matter since there is no juice in yuour photo).
- 'organic' (try to imagine that you are looking for tangerine image, would you use 'organic' in the searcj line?)
- 'raw' (roasted tangerines are very exotic dish, so they are almost always raw)
- 'yellow' (they are obviously orange, not yellow)
- 'vibrant'
- 'cut'

Several words are given in singular mode though they should be plurals: 'fruit' -> 'fruits', 'leaf' -> 'leaves', 'mandarin' -> 'mandarins', 'stem' -> 'stems', 'tangerine' -> 'tangerines'. If designer want to get an image with tangerine and put 'tangerine' in the search line, your image will be wrong result for him(her). Your image are for those who are looking for 'tangerinES', 'mandarins', 'leaves', fruits', etc.

At least, 2 very important words ('background' and 'backdrop') are missed.

'close-up' should be complemented by 'closeup', 'close' and 'up' to allow designer to find your image with all forms of word.

3) Your description is: 'A group of tangerines with green leaves on a white background' and it is not good one, as I think. Description should contain as much keywords as possible and consequently it should look like this: "Orange fresh tropical fruits - tangerines (madarins) - with green leaves and stems close-up (closeup, close up) isolated on white background'.

I do not think that my suggestions represent an ideal solution, but I am absolute sure that direction is quite correct.
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Posted: 02/14/2013, 22:55:59 PM
Hi,Elena!Also,I'm facing the same problem with some images.Read here:.It seems very important are the keywords.I've reviewed them and now I'm curious to see if they sell any.I listened to the advice here and I conformed.The competition is very tough!I like your portofolio!Good luck!
Posted: 02/14/2013, 23:26:26 PM
You have great images, many views means potential of the image..
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Posted: 02/15/2013, 10:14:20 AM
Thanks to all of you! My first sale occurred not without your advice!
Posted: 03/01/2013, 00:39:01 AM