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Which are your steps managing and storing your images?

I think that you all faced this question when you want to maintain a well organized database of your images.
Considering you shot Raw. I use LightRoom to process them. I keep JPG and Raw files. The issue I have now is that when I change the folder of raw images if I open again the image in lightroom then the modifications are not appearing. So how could them be kept?
What if I edit RAW files with Photoshop? Is the info related to editing saved in raw file?
I also need your advises regarding how you keep your own database of images when comes about multiple agencies.
I tried to tag them with AcdSee. What about you.
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Edited: 02/16/2013, 08:11:49 AM
As you said.. Im also keeping my works in jpeg and in raw format.. but Im not touching jpeg. Jpeg only for me to look my photos very fast. Im using Canon Digital photo Professional program to correct my photos on raw format later Im converting them in to TIFF or JPEG format.TIFF for editing in Photoshop.
After that process Im having categories on my computer for storing my pictures. for example sewing machine and in side of that folder jpeg and raw folder. If i decided to upload some of that picture Im correcting raw format and converting in stock folder in my computer. In that folder have folder, name with "without word". And from that folder Im adding them key words, categories and title after that procces Im uploading them in to Dreamstime. I dont know the system that I created good maybe other photographers here have different system and we can adjust our computers like theirs.
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Posted: 02/20/2013, 15:30:24 PM
Import through Bridge
Folder is Date
Images are Date + Custom Name
Keyword all in Bridge
Edit RAW in ACR + PS
Save to 2nd folder in original folder
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Posted: 02/20/2013, 15:36:31 PM
My process goes like that.

I shoot RAW, than I download them to my drive C.
From there I make a copy to my drive F (images up til 2011) or G (images from 2012 on) and another copy to my drive D (backups).
At this moment I erase the copies on drive C since I have two copies now.
The ones on drive D I organize in 4Gb groups and make two set of copies in DVD´s, than I erase them and only at this moment I erase my CF cards.
Once in a while I make a copy of my drive G to an external hard drive.

At my drive G I have the raw files sorted by year, month and day.
In every day I have the RAW files in the root and a folder called Corrected where I leave my processed jpgs.

I use Photoshop so after processing the files PS it creates a xmp file that saves all the processing parameters.

Once I finish 100 DVD´s I check the older ones to see if there are any corrupted and make a new copy if needed.
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Posted: 02/20/2013, 20:13:32 PM
I process in Lightroom 5 and it seems like the files, whichI upload are the original files, rather than the touched-up files.

I do not know how to 'save' changes to a touched-up image file and I can not tell for sure, since the thumbnail of the uploading file is in low resolution.

Is there anyone who can tell me exactly how to save images with changes and how to be sure to attach those images, when uploading to Dreamstime. I use Mac.

Also, I see two files in my folder, after making a download from EOS 6D, one is a JPG file size is about 5MB and other is a CR2 file with size about 23MB. Does anybody know the difference.

Lastly, is there anyway to be sure the Keywords I include in the photo in Lightoom upload to Dreamstime?

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Posted: 06/19/2013, 13:02:24 PM