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Java problems while uploading multiple files.

Hi! I am not able to upload my files using the upload multiple files. All the time I'm getting a Java ClassNotFoundException error. I tried IE, Mozila, Google chrome browsers under Windows8. Did anybody have similar problems? Thanks.
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Posted: 02/19/2013, 20:04:33 PM
This thread may help you:
upload issues
Posted: 02/19/2013, 20:24:06 PM

Use FTP, it works like charm!
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Posted: 02/20/2013, 03:00:29 AM
Same here, but no problem using FTP.
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Posted: 02/20/2013, 04:37:50 AM
Been having upload problems for a while now & am stuck with uploading single images - I've got the latest Java but I get an error everytime I try to upload multiples.
Posted: 02/20/2013, 06:02:04 AM
Use FTP it works great only issue I have is the pending/approval time which seems to take for ever at the moment.
Edited: 02/21/2013, 04:12:11 AM
FTP upload

Just check out the above link. The tutorial is also on that page. You can just upload while you work. Very fast, reliable and comfortable. Use it even for single file uploads. I haven't even seen the upload page of the site for months. :)
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Posted: 02/20/2013, 06:34:28 AM
Thank you for your help. I just temporary disable one of the firewall's settings.
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Posted: 02/22/2013, 16:06:42 PM