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Just Getting Started

Today is my first day, and I just uploaded about 9 photos. I am just figuring things out. Should I have uploaded more to start? What would be 2 good suggestions that anyone would make for someone like myself just starting out here. I'm pretty excited about this.

Thanks in advance for the help.
Posted: 02/25/2013, 20:27:08 PM
Hi and welcome! It is exciting to be here, I think its the best site. I dont have any advice but wish you much success!
Posted: 02/25/2013, 20:52:46 PM
Kevinbowen118, you started right, upload a few images and wait for the reviews, you will learn a lot right away avoiding some rejections.

You can´t discuss rejections directly in the forums, exception made of asking sugestions from your fellow photographers, and you can ask support back on details of what the rejection was all about, in case you have any rejections of course.

Well, welcome to DT, best luck on your first uploads and keep tuned here!

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Posted: 02/25/2013, 20:55:38 PM
Great! Thanks for the info, I will just wait for the approval now.
Posted: 02/26/2013, 19:38:27 PM
welcome to dt! keep taking photos and best of luck.
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Posted: 02/27/2013, 16:17:15 PM
Kevinbowen118, Welcome to Dreamstime.
And will waiting for finish new photo.
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Posted: 03/06/2013, 19:05:23 PM