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Model Releases

Hello everyone, I'm really new to DT, still waiting for things to be approved, but I have a few things on ********. What is the policy for using ******** model releases for DT? It could be troublesome to try and get new releases after time has passed from the shoot. Is there a better solution, perhaps a generic release approved by both agencies?
Thanks for your help!
Posted: 03/02/2013, 17:51:49 PM
If it's a generic release you're probably OK. If the release is specific to another agency, it's probably a legal issue and would have to be rejected.

You really should email Support.
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Posted: 03/02/2013, 19:00:58 PM
Thanks I'll do that! I wasn't sure where to start so I'll be sure to follow up.
Posted: 03/03/2013, 00:02:52 AM
It has been stated in the MR document that you can use your own releases too. But you may NOT use releases specific to other agencies.
When they don't even let you mention the name of another agency in the boards, pretty obvious they'd reject whatever bears another name. Wow! Real cut-throat competition.
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Posted: 03/03/2013, 03:16:42 AM
Thanks, I'll have to do more homework before posting in the future. I guess I have more work to do in general.
Posted: 03/03/2013, 10:51:51 AM
Generic releases are fine - however, if they are in a language other than English, we have specific Dreamstime model releases designed for that purpose. Releases from other agencies are not acceptable. Hope that helps!
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Posted: 03/07/2013, 06:40:02 AM
So are releases from mobile apps OK, such as Easy Release? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.applicationgap.easyrelease

Seems a good way to go and much better than scanning and storing all that paper!

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Posted: 03/17/2013, 12:28:57 PM
Hi Andy, Thanks I'll check them out!
Posted: 03/17/2013, 14:13:15 PM