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To Prawny - have you got a 'Bed time Kid'?

Hi. Want one of Prawny's brightly coloured stick-figure kid series style on the theme of bed time, sleeping, sleepy, etc, for a lullaby album. (Have done a gazillion searches in yr portfolio!) Cheers - Radha
Posted: 04/03/2013, 21:18:35 PM
You can leave a comment to one of this contributor's images as not all our users read the message boards and a comment will be easily noticeable.
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Posted: 04/04/2013, 01:06:46 AM
Thank you, as we are new to the process, and hope to use lots of Prawny's images in future if we can cover our series topics.
Posted: 04/04/2013, 15:04:04 PM
I have one, maybe you'll like that:
   Sleeping beauty   
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Posted: 04/11/2013, 06:17:33 AM
Thoughtful of you to respond, Piter. We are wanting an illustration by Prawny, to tie in with others of that style - for a series, so each album will tie in. Nice photo tho - like the colourful hearts on the blanket!
Posted: 04/11/2013, 15:14:48 PM
Sorry for misunderstanding:)
Nikon D 7000, Nikon D 3000 + various Nikkor lenses.
Posted: 04/12/2013, 01:55:52 AM