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Professional model portfolio shooters (or anybody), give me info !

Hi everybody ! seeking input from stock contributors and admin, you tell me what you want to see here as far as colors and everything explained below and that is what is going to start showing up. I'm ready to advance to the "A" level, even if i have to buy or rent L lenses to get the job done. I'll do whatever it takes. Also post processing, what type of look is popular now with advertisers for group shots ?????

Okay, after doing my first shoot and getting the photos online at several places I am starting to evaluate what it takes to be a serious top stock photographer. So I'm interested in hearing what makes the photos successful, such as having more than 1 person in the photo, use of people in the background that are fairly blurred and you can't make them out hardly, use of colors for furniture, walls, basically the tone that i need for useable copy space for advertisers. For instance, a lot of walls in my house are very dark hunter green so I doubt they are suitable for stock photos. Sure I can blow them out, but i don't want everything to be completely blown out in my portfolio. And also about colors of clothing and contrast, etc...

Whatever you have to offer, I'm all ears and ready to get some shoots going. I do have a a couple of shoots scheduled with multiple person.... (1) F4 pilot fighter series (maybe not a big demand but hey i have the pilot equipment and uniform available from a fighter pilot friend of mine and a free model so why not ???? and (2) a Medical surgeon and ER nurse with emergency child care patient and (3) my dental office shoot but my dentist has yellow walls and my test photos are kind of ugly with yellowish looking walls, what to do about this, blow them out with flash ?????????

vielen dank !!!!! kevin
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Wow, you've doubled your port already! You are on the right track, just keep uploading! Congratulations!
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Posted: 04/05/2013, 00:34:50 AM
Look at magazines, advertising posters etc to see what kind of thing is selling at the moment. It takes a lot of research to find out current trends and the sort of things that buyers want. Then do your own twist on it to come up with something a bit original so that you aren't competing directly with the Yuris,Seans etc.
Plan each session well by writing down or drawing what you want to do and then you will get the most out of every session and try and be a bit original so that your images don't get lost in a sea of similars.
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Use Google Trends to see what people search the most...it will help you to find the right photography.

For yellow walls, use a hue/saturation layer and increase the lightness in "yellow" mode.
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Posted: 04/05/2013, 02:04:26 AM