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17 cents which drive me crazy...

New article posted: 17 cents which drive me crazy...
and editing images :)...
Posted: 04/10/2013, 03:26:43 AM
Hah!I beleve you!)))Waiting is a hrdest thing!))))
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Posted: 04/10/2013, 08:43:09 AM
My last cash out was US$0.20 short with a lull period of no sale for about 2 weeks or so.
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Posted: 04/10/2013, 12:36:38 PM
so have you made it yet????
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Posted: 1 minute ago
YES! finally :) yesterday evening I found one more sale, which pushed the numbers beyond payout limit... That is a big relief...

I have to thank the buyer, who decided to end my suffering :) - Thank you, who ever did that ( - I suspect it was a friendly act of fellow community member, as there were no search words related to the purchase - thus not a regular "search and buy" purchase... )

And as this will be the first money cashed on DT, it is time to evaluate... - Well, it took 2,5 years to earn 100 bucks... - not very encouraging... but at least I have things to think about... When I started back in 2010 my goal was 1 payout per month, so many things have to change - mostly time allocation and attitude...
and editing images :)...
Posted: 04/12/2013, 01:52:13 AM
The first payout takes the longest. Keep up the good work, and the next one will be quicker!
recently bought Nikon D300 for my wife, will use it a bit....
Posted: 04/12/2013, 04:39:37 AM
Soon they will arrive. You have great images, congratulations.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Hahahah if you not get paid now... i can buy your image:)
Posted: 1 minute ago
Thank you my friends - this is first time somebody said I am doing good work... so with payout already reached the positive punch is double :)
@ TMarchev - If you are willing to buy one of my images despite the fact I already reached the payout limit just tell me which one, than buy it and I will buy one of yours as payback (1c sales)... I have some credits from blogging left unused... ;)
and editing images :)...
Posted: 1 minute ago
Hahahaha, son your payment will arrive!!
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Posted: 1 minute ago