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New article posted: Frustrated?!
Posted: 04/23/2013, 03:38:31 AM
Hi there!
At the moment, I am past the 100$ limit, so I can't say I share your frustation completely. But I presume we share the reason of your frustation. My sells went down lately, so I am stuck at the same amount of revenue for over a week now. Still, I keep my hopes up, that it will get better! Good luck to you!
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Posted: 04/23/2013, 05:11:29 AM
I so hate when that happens!!! surprisingly.. I had the most sales on DT in one month this month in april. 23 days in I have had 18 sales... what I cant understand is how almost 700 images here has gotten me only 111 sales ever. I read an article about finding photos on here and the frustration of it..I even have tried to find my work by using keywords and it is like a needle in a haystack. are we getting too large here?
good luck on that last sale.. It will happen!
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Posted: 04/23/2013, 06:42:02 AM
I am at around $190. Do your research. It is a must. Stock is a huge subject where you need to get into the psychology of the buyers and understand the search placement algorithm. I spent a serious amount of time in that and I am getting satisfactory results now. I still don't upload or shoot on weekends and devote the entire time to studying bestsellers and taking notes in a notepad. Might seem like I'm studying guinea pigs... but... ;)

Serious efforts would pay back. There are too many big cameras around these days. Photographer skills and equipment - neither make a huge difference now. So take awareness and research on your side. Why lose time being frustrated? Study some bestsellers for a break.
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Posted: 04/23/2013, 08:34:41 AM
I have to be patience selling images, now you're very close. April started very well for me, but since last week sales have been very slow.
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Posted: 04/23/2013, 17:43:45 PM
The last $10 always seems to take so long.
Posted: 04/24/2013, 12:26:35 PM
Sometimes things are getting slow, but be patience, very soon you will have your $100!
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Posted: 04/24/2013, 12:59:03 PM
Let us know when you managed to hit the 100!
Pancake 40 STM, Cokin P Filters, Canon 300X....
Posted: 04/25/2013, 02:06:43 AM
No monthly cut off here so you can request payment as soon as you hit the 100 and DT is one of the quickest to process payment.
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Posted: 04/25/2013, 04:05:09 AM
I have to admit it must be frustrating. I lived something similar lately because the only sales I was getting were subscription ones, which only gave me about 0.35$ each. My last sale though gave me 1.61$, which gave me some hope (it feels weird to say that I have hope with less than 2$, but anyways...). So in the end, I would say don't think about it and one day you'll enter your personal account and find that you've hit the 100$ mark. Good luck!
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Posted: 04/25/2013, 22:28:35 PM
$98.75 ;)
Posted: 04/29/2013, 04:13:07 AM
so far i've earned 1.05 $ this year, lol :D
BUT ... i have just uploaded 40+ images so hopefully things will improve! ;)
Posted: 04/29/2013, 08:01:16 AM
Done! 102$ yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! o/
Posted: 05/11/2013, 18:28:13 PM