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No sales,how to do

there is no sales so far,how to do? And most of the pictures are rejected.
Posted: 04/25/2013, 20:59:48 PM
I see most all of the photos you have online are the ones you uploaded just this month. First off, it usually takes a few months to start seeing sales. Sometimes you get lucky and may get a few sales during the first month or so, but usually the portfolio is so small during your first few months, so that is why there is usually not many, if any, sales. You still need to grow your portfolio. So keep uploading, the sales will come.

And as far as rejections. You can learn a lot from the rejections. Read why they are rejected and see if it is possible to fix the reasons for refusal and resubmit the image. If it doesnt get approved the second time, I dont suggest trying a third time. Also by learning from the rejections you will learn what needs to be done before you submit your images and eventually you will get better at knowing what they want, and that will help you get a lot more approved and less rejected.

Wish you good luck with future submissions and on making a sale.
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Posted: 04/25/2013, 21:23:26 PM
Hi Simonzhongzzl, even though you are here since 2010, it seems like you just started uploading images, is that the case?
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Posted: 04/25/2013, 21:24:07 PM
The "no sales" problem is solved by others, so I will concentrate on the rejection problem.

I think you need to check other portfolios to see what kind of pictures are uploaded. Which of them are sold and not sold? You can try to make a search before you shoot a "concept". Pure concepts are very important, because other images will bring you random sales. Concepts will bring you regular sales. Think as a designer, would you buy your own image? How would you use it? There are very interesting concepts being sold, but they are very rare. Also, isolated images are being sold better for sure.
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Posted: 04/26/2013, 04:49:38 AM
Your keywords are not good. POPCORN image, happy, smell, plate (there is no plate). CHAIR IN THE PARK image, pollution, detour, stop, look.
Edited: 04/26/2013, 10:38:21 AM
Be patient,Simonzhongzzl and keep upload.Reviewing all your keys for every picture.With time will come and sales!
Posted: 04/26/2013, 11:20:29 AM
Number of photos too small
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Posted: 04/26/2013, 23:41:35 PM
You might want to try using an online key wording tool. Google "online keywording tool" and you will get a variety of available resources. I sometimes use the free tool from Yuri Arcurs as a starting point, but I always add additional words that I believe are relevant.
Posted: 04/27/2013, 09:11:39 AM