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Would like to request a special DT contest

And i don't know if it is something DT would be interested in but i think it could benefit a lot of users and here is the scenario:

Somebody (DT i suppose) will supply a RAW photo of a group shot, preferably with at least 3 models of different skin shading/colors and let's say it is in an outdoor background setting.

All contestants post process this to be the best stock photo it can be. It has to be able to be replicated by someone following an instruction sheet in a reasonable timeframe, like an hour or less (not 3 weeks or something crazy).

When DT selects a winner they must do a blog with step by step instructions detailing how they were able to get this "look". When they successfully post the blog then DT will award the prize to the winner ...

Any interest here ?????? We could all stand to learn from this i believe..
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Posted: 04/28/2013, 13:30:17 PM
I would like to suggest the prize should be a trip for 2 to a destination of your choice :-)
Posted: 04/28/2013, 14:21:49 PM
Wouldn't that be great ? Heck, I'd settle for premium placement in search results for a month or two.... and the bonus of learning some new creative processing applicable to "stock" would work wonders.

I can browse youtube all day long, but most of what i find isn't what i would call "great" tips or techniques on processing for "stock" photography.
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Posted: 04/28/2013, 15:42:28 PM
I'm with you on the usefulness of the majority of online processing advice Mudplucker - how often have you followed those "tips" only to find towards the end of the instructions there's a key one missing or one that just doesn't make sense (however many ways you try it) so you can't actually finish the process? I find that SO annoying.....
Posted: 04/29/2013, 06:04:21 AM
Well online tutorials would never really be totally complete because people aren't usually willing to give up key procedures from their workflow. I personally do a lot of editing and I am no great editor, but one thing is for sure. I'm mean enough not to share some secrets. ;)

I like the idea of the contest. But 1 hour? How will you track the time consumed by the participant? From experience, I know it is very difficult. Otherwise this idea sounds nice.

Mudplucker, thanks for that thing about YouTube. I think I just imagined something that would take my hobby ten steps ahead. Thanks a lot! :D
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Posted: 04/29/2013, 07:39:08 AM
Hi Robinstockphotos and Melonstone:

Thanks for posting. My biggest problem with the youtube videos is that it is either too extreme for stock or just is not the type of post processing results that a magazine editor would want for a magazine article:

I'd track the time required to do the project by using the blog from the winner and learning to do it myself and then i should know whether it took an hour or somewhere thereabouts.

Glad you have such a great imagination Robinstockphotos, you're gonna do great around here.
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Posted: 04/29/2013, 09:36:18 AM
The thing is with the competitions that DT run now is that they get a whole load of new exclusive images to make it worthwhile putting up a prize. They wouldn't gain anything out of this competition.
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I like this idea and I would participate, time permitting of course. Any extra training in image editing can't hurt.

There is another site that has a section in the forums where they have a PS battle between two people. I'm not sure how it works, but it has a score tracker and what not, but the gist is one person challenges another and if they accept they can choose who goes first.

You start with an image (you can get free images from the site just to be used for the battle) and modify it. The next person takes your image, and modifies it (there has to be something left resembling the original) and passes it back. I believe there are five rounds. The images are posted in their thread for people to comment on too.

No real prizes at the end that I know of, just bragging rights and a little icon next to your name in the forums. The loser also gets a icon for shame of losing. ;)
Posted: 04/30/2013, 23:50:15 PM