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How I can meet the customer's request

It is not easy to find our the customer's request and market demand. where can I ge tthe information
Posted: 04/28/2013, 20:24:15 PM
Have you looked in the forum titled "Photo and Illustration requests" ????? That is where buyers go to say what they need and are looking for, so you can get some work from there if you are a go-getter. I actually don't frequent that section but if you can get things done quickly you can maybe fill some orders from that forum and get some extra business.
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Posted: 04/28/2013, 21:34:43 PM
Yeah, I have gotten quite some sales from there.
By the way, put any random thing in the search engine here like "background" or "flower" or "man" etc and check under the "most downloaded" category. You'd find that there are some unique things that have gotten 150 downloads but there is nothing similar to that at all. So start making something like that with different ideas and better execution. Should help. :)
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Posted: 04/29/2013, 07:43:12 AM
thanks for your advice.
Posted: 05/04/2013, 03:43:05 AM
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