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Let's talk about TRIPODS

Hey everybody,

Seeing as the best tripod i have ever used is my cheap, unacceptable 19 dollar liightweight and shaky model i have some questions.

I am looking for a heavy tripod that does not even show a sniffle of camera shake zoomed in at 200 percent. Currently i believe that if i do not use mirror lockup that my sensor causes my cheapo causes slight movement when the mirror goes up. You can barely touch the legs of it and it shakes. I'm thinking heavy tripod because my camera and lenses are fairly lightweight. I normally will just use it in 1 place, not lug it around all day.

My Google searches have led me to the old Bogen 3046 which weighs about 10 pounds and normally sells on Ebay used for around 125 dollars delivered. Also read some good things about a Slik Pro model. Who can give me some great info from their years of experience. I can deal with a heavy weight but i do not want any camera shake at all, even on a slightly windy day.

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Posted: 04/30/2013, 08:57:10 AM
I like my Vanguard AT something. $150 or so on amazon.
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Posted: 04/30/2013, 10:03:49 AM
To me the ballhead is as important as the tripod. Until I invested in a good ballhead, mine always "creeped" down, particularly with a longer lens. I used a Bogen tripod for a long time, and it was very good, however too heavy for me. Since I travel around I needed something lighter weight, and rugged, so saved my pennies for a long time and moved on to a Gitzo carbon fiber. There are several good ballheads out there, but you need to research it or test some out. I use a Kirk.
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I have a carbon fiber induro that I could not be happier with. I have owned bogen's gitzo's and silks. The Induro beats them all
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Posted: 04/30/2013, 21:54:01 PM
Gitzo carbon fiber, not heavy, your back will thank you later.
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Posted: 04/30/2013, 22:04:37 PM
I had that tripod with a Slick ball head. It was rock solid and I could do anything with it ... even defend myself on a dark night.
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Posted: 04/30/2013, 22:07:53 PM
Thanks, i'm checking them all and trying to save a little by finding one of these quality tripods used on Ebay right now. I assume ALL of these beat my 19 dollar cheapy hands down. Seems like it is always the best shot that the tripod gives my camera a little shake on too !
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Posted: 04/30/2013, 22:13:41 PM
Get you biggest lens and camera nd weigh them, make sure th ballhard and tripod can hold double the weight
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Posted: 04/30/2013, 22:44:40 PM