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April Good or Bad?

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My story so far…
I have mixed feelings about April, I was getting very disillusioned until the last week I had only just equaled March Figures of 5 sales, Until suddenly in one day I sold 3 images as usual 2 of them were subscription ones. The next day followed with another sub sale and yesterday being the last day of the month I ended on a high with my largest sale of 9 credits on a level one sale which gave me 4.66 dollars. I was terribly disappointed with my first two months of acceptance ratios and as a Newbie and a typical Taurean I rushed into uploading images and had many disappointments. I sorted myself out for April and these were my April figures.
Online 36 Refused 6 A.R 84.2% (Well happy)
10 sales 13.30 Dollars and a terrible RPD of 1.33 per image.
How did your April go?

I wish everyone a very successful May!
Edited: 05/01/2013, 02:34:49 AM
About half the amount of money i made in March. Strange how it always fluctuates. But new month, new chances !
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Posted: 05/01/2013, 02:15:22 AM
April was the best month ever in terms of image sales. This was because a bunch of credit sales, while the total number of downloads is around the monthly average.

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Posted: 05/01/2013, 02:34:52 AM
My earnings halved this mth but happy to see some new uploads.
Edited: 05/01/2013, 02:36:00 AM
Less sales but higer income. The number of subscriptions sales decreased and the credit sales increased.
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Posted: 05/01/2013, 03:35:38 AM
It was an excelent month, for me. I've sold 70 images. There were days that i've sold none, but in other i've sold 4, 5, and 6 images.

I even won a prize, with this image:
   Image not available or id is incorrect.   
It was published in the "O Mundo da Fotografia Digital" magazine and i won a camera.

Oh, but here, in DT, i've sold zero in April. It seems like my images, even the new ones, the ones that sell pretty well somewhere else, are dead in the water, here.
But i've uploaded 32 images here, in April, which was a record, for me. Not all is bad.
I still come here every day, but only to see if my pending images were accepted. I dont have expectations about the sales anymore. It seems DT is miles away from the capability of other sites, in what concerns to sales.
I say this because it's the same images. And they get seen and sold, but just not in DT.
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Edited: 05/01/2013, 04:35:13 AM
BME for me with a RPD of $3.30 so I am happy :)
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Posted: 05/01/2013, 05:07:11 AM
Mine was really horrible (4 subs in almost 3 weeks).
The only thing I found comfort in is that I had an AR higher than 95% this month so hopefully the upcoming months will be better.
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Posted: 05/01/2013, 05:42:07 AM
FTR - April 2013 has +70% more uploads than last year and "only" 40% more submissions. Which means we get more and better images (we see higher ARs). Submissions improve and competition increases.
Posted: 05/01/2013, 07:12:39 AM
April worked out pretty well for me.
Especially the last few days of the month where i got lucky and scored several nice credit downloads for between $6 and $9 bucks each.
I began in Feb of last year and only really started showing any sales until April 2012 (pretty small, just started). This April had 7.5 X more downloads and 22.5X more $ earnings than prior. Not near enough to retire on, lol, but based on my goals, satisfying.
This April was also a couple of dollars more than my BME. The months fluctuate.
Additionally, in the first four months of 2013, My earnings have already doubled that which i made all of 2012.

Murdoch2013, give it time.
You're only three months into this. It ain't a fast train in the beginning. As I have experienced, and so many have said here before, it can take quite some time for your images to get noticed.
If you'd like to know how a fellow newbie feels about starting out, check out my blog at

Don't get frustrated and keep going!

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Posted: 05/01/2013, 07:49:32 AM
I did better this month, I doubled my sales from last month...14 Sales. :-)
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Posted: 05/01/2013, 09:00:28 AM
This month is my best month ever since my photos are listed on DT.
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Posted: 05/01/2013, 09:35:58 AM
I thought April was going to be a bust, but alas yesterday I sold 2 and upload more images and improved my AR rate. Spring is here, wishing everyone great sales.
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Posted: 05/01/2013, 09:48:16 AM
BME for us in every aspects!!! Thanks to the buyers and of course DT!!! :) :) Glyn, hang in there. Increase your submissions to reach good Portfolio exposure and you'll have steady income. :)
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Posted: 05/01/2013, 10:00:12 AM
For me good,I could say.Considering that competition is becoming more,14 sales is good for me:)
Posted: 05/01/2013, 10:36:53 AM
I have sold half than last month, 25 images with only 1.38 RPD.
Uploaded 31 images, and I guess having sold only 5% of my portfolio in one moth means I have to work more, better and diversify more.
Congratulations Lfmpereira on you prize, what is the month of the magazine so I can check it out?
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Edited: 05/01/2013, 11:21:07 AM
For me it went really bad! Hopefully in May. ...
Edited: 05/01/2013, 12:27:41 PM
April was a average month for me in terms of sales, but for earnings it was a big month as I had a tiff sale and several other credit sales.

Looking forward to May.
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Posted: 05/01/2013, 13:07:38 PM

Originally posted by Celiaak:
Quoted Message: I have sold half than last month, 25 images with only 1.38 RPD.Uploaded 31 images, and I guess having sold only 5% of my portfolio in one moth means I have to work more, better and diversify more.Congratulations Lfmpereira on you prize, what is the month of the magazine so I can check it out?

The month is May. :)
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Posted: 05/01/2013, 13:24:48 PM
Thanks George and Sanjay for your encouragement. I will certainly hang on in there. The ending to April doubled my sales which I was happy about, and suddenly one of my images in close to level 3 which I expect will get there soon. I know its only time until these images start making some decent money. I seem to have fantastic placings on most my images which I am delighted about. So lets keep our fingers crossed that May will be a fantastic month for us all. Good luck Guys and Girls and thanks for sharing your thoughts... x P.S George, I will have a look at your blog. thanks
Edited: 05/01/2013, 14:59:03 PM
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