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Exclusive DT Photographer

Hello everyone, after reading all the posts and finally making a decision to go exclusive with Dreamstime, it happened today. Really happy I made this decision, plus I did not know that it would be retroactive. What a surprise.
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Posted: 05/08/2013, 10:10:22 AM
Yah, i was also suprised by the retro payment when I went exclusive.
Here's hoping exclusivity treats you well neighbor.

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Posted: 05/08/2013, 10:35:50 AM
Thank you Daddio,

I love your portfolio. Wishing you the best also. p.s. I was born in Russell so in a bigger sense we are neighbors.
Nikon D7000, Nikon and Tokina lens, iMac, CS5
Posted: 05/08/2013, 11:53:00 AM
Congrats and enjoy the new increase in income...
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Posted: 05/08/2013, 12:20:23 PM
Congrats on your decision Sml, I am positive you wont regret it.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Congrats on going exclusive. :-)
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Posted: 1 minute ago
There are very good sales of quite some big exclusive guys. You'd be happy when sales keep coming. :)

I wouldn't congratulate on going exclusive right now. I would, when you get good benefits of it. I find myself loving extra revenue but then I find myself cursing exclusivity when sales slow down because it feels like I'm chained.
The upload bonus acts as consolation at times. :)
You'd enjoy the "feelings" of exclusivity. ;)
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Thank you everyone, this is one of the reasons i chose DT for its great community.

Robinstockphotos, over some years I have been with other agencies and started here selling images in 2012, after six months here I decided I need more time shooting then being on the computer hence my decision to go with one agency. As for feeling chained as you mentioned I actually feel more liberated and unchained from my computer.

Best wishes to everyone.
Nikon D7000, Nikon and Tokina lens, iMac, CS5
Posted: 05/09/2013, 06:53:44 AM
It is great to have input from those who were not exclusive and decided to turn ones. I've never worked for another agency, and plan to be exclusive a long time here, I'm happy here.
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Posted: 05/09/2013, 10:35:51 AM
Congrats! This is a good place to be.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Congrats! & u will never regret...
Posted: 05/10/2013, 03:02:10 AM
Yes its a great community and Admin here! good luck! its a courageous move indeed. I wish myself that within Micro, exclusivity with one agency only would be enough.

best of luck.
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Posted: 05/13/2013, 01:18:05 AM
Congratulations on your decision. I have never had any regrets--could never imagine the time it would take me to upload to several agencies. Besides I feel it dilutes the value of my images to have them on more than one site. Good luck with sales:)
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Posted: 05/13/2013, 09:02:51 AM