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Collections (inside single image)

Does Dreamstime accept single image collections?

I have some photos of dragonflies and butterflies of various colors and from different useful angles on the same flower. For example, a grey hairstreak butterfly or a bushbrown on a few different flowers and poses showing different part of the body like wing pattern, head and front region, etc.

Can I upload them by putting 4 or 6 tightly cropped photos in a single 50 MP photo? I don't want to saturate the database or my portfolio with 6 photos each of same butterfles and birds and stuff. They don't really tend to make the uploader rich.
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Edited: 05/12/2013, 08:33:16 AM
DT prefer you to do it that way with similar images
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Also it seems to be a very good idea
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Posted: 05/12/2013, 13:11:18 PM
Not quite aligned with industry standard. But if the users find that this is a very good idea then it must be!
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Posted: 05/13/2013, 02:10:57 AM