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Deactivated all files at all accounts except for....

Except for DT of course !!!! I also put in the request to have the accounts closed at all the other sites so that I can apply for DT exclusivity.

I've been holding off loading up new people shoot photos anywhere just for that particular reason, because I was unsure what to do, but I am certain that for me this is the best way to go.

So 1 more file uploaded (to put me at 50 here on DT) and I can apply for my exclusivity and then I will start putting out the awesome work I've been talking about for so long !
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Posted: 05/12/2013, 18:11:23 PM
Good Luck going Exclusive :-)
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Posted: 05/13/2013, 14:37:45 PM
Good luck with exclusivity :) every exlusive member is an advantage for DT community.
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Posted: 05/15/2013, 11:35:12 AM
thanks Parkinson ! I have an outdoor photo shoot with a "4th of July" cookout theme scheduled for late Saturday evening if the weather cooperates
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Posted: 05/15/2013, 12:33:45 PM
You will not regret going exclusive here. Congratulations!
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Posted: 05/16/2013, 00:04:44 AM
Gongartulations for you choice. Wish you a lot of sales!!!
Posted: 05/18/2013, 15:26:54 PM
Good choice!
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Posted: 05/21/2013, 09:04:17 AM
Congrats Mudplucker. Wishing you a lot of success :)
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Posted: 05/21/2013, 14:59:18 PM
thanks ! Once i get my 50th and get accepted as exclusive I'm gonna start stepping it up a little at a time..

First step: better compositions with models i already have and Alien Bees

Second step: spend a little money to get more salable models for magazines, etc.. that just have a good clean "stock" appearance about them

Third step: Look at an L series lens. the 85mm 1.8 prime i have is great but it does not have IS so it will really slow me down production wise on shoots and possibly too many lost shots. I do have a monopod with ball head to use now though, which ought to help some. With the tripod it is just wayyy to slow unless the models are free :)
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Posted: 05/21/2013, 18:35:55 PM
After you get exclusivity, I think you should just upload more of what you have shot so far. Upload around 150 old shots right away if they are technically good. By the time you do the review on composition and other stuff, you'd already have a payout from DT. Good for a start. Because every week you don't upload - the site has thousands of new images that compete with your images. Don't lose a day!
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Posted: 05/21/2013, 20:58:11 PM
Good luck with that. Hope number 50 comes soon.
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Posted: 05/22/2013, 00:13:28 AM
Congratulations on hitting the big 50 :)
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Posted: 05/22/2013, 04:39:03 AM
Thanks, i just applied for exclusivity so now i await the answer from DT !

Robinstockphotos: I'm trying NOT to upload more of what i have shot so far :) I am hoping to start shooting better composed images that are of more commercial value. For now i'm going for the less glamorous type of ordinary blue collar work being performed because I have a model available for that.
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Posted: 05/22/2013, 12:52:53 PM
Congratulations Mudplucker!|Competition is becoming stronger! Wishing you a lot of success and more sales!:)
Posted: 05/22/2013, 13:06:45 PM
BCritchley, i saw your fighter jets photos and YOU ARE THE MAN !!!! I have a friend who is a retired USAF F-4 fighter pilot and he loaned me his helmet that he used in the Gulf War and I have a USA/4th of July themed photo in the que right now with a lot more to come.
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Posted: 05/22/2013, 17:55:07 PM