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Multiple daily log in

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For the past (almost) 48 hours I have to log in every time I refresh a page.

Anybody else with the same problem?
Posted: 1 minute ago
Same here
Posted: 1 minute ago
For me not with every refresh, but frequently...
I would appreciate if I had option to disable auto-log-off - It is annoying to log-in dozen times per day - especially when I am sitting at the computer all day long...
and editing images :)...
Posted: 05/17/2013, 01:06:33 AM
I have the same problem.
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Posted: 05/17/2013, 01:47:52 AM
ditto here - it is a real pain - if I keep having to do it I simply will only come a few times a week rather than several times a day. It is sooo annoying.
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Posted: 05/17/2013, 02:40:48 AM
no problems here...
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Posted: 05/17/2013, 02:48:58 AM
Make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser. If the problems persists please check if you have the same issues using another browser.
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Posted: 05/17/2013, 03:47:54 AM
I only have this problem with Safari on Mac, I'm constantly being logged out throughout the day. I've tried with Mozilla on Windows and have no such problems. Cookies are enabled of course.
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Posted: 05/17/2013, 04:03:17 AM
No problems here either!
Posted: 05/17/2013, 04:07:34 AM
Same problem here.
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Posted: 05/17/2013, 11:04:37 AM
I use Safari on a Mac and have no such issues. Of course if I've been idle with DT for a period of time, it will log me out which is expected. Have you tried emptying your cache? Or do a refresh with Safari? Perhaps a shut down, unplug/remove battery if laptop, wait 10 min. then start up is in order?
Posted: 05/17/2013, 12:39:41 PM
same problem here.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Me, too. There used to be a check box to select if you wanted to stay logged in, but I don't see that anymore. It's getting really annoying.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
I also use Safari on a Mac and haven't had any problems.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
I'm having the problem on both my home and work computers--two totally separate geographical locations and networks, although both are Windows computers. Additionally, I'm having the same problem in both Chrome and Firefox. Additionally, I haven't changed any browser settings recently and I'm not having this problem with any other sites I regularly visit, making it unlikely that the problem is with my browser's cookie settings.
mm, Sigma 105 mm macro...
Posted: 05/18/2013, 07:55:33 AM
Same problem here, Safari on Mac
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Posted: 05/18/2013, 10:27:49 AM
Same here. Just started today. FF on PC.
Posted: 1 minute ago
same problem on IE and Chrome.
Nikon D3000
Posted: 05/19/2013, 07:46:32 AM
Since my original post, I am still experiencing this problem.

Dreamstime, with so many other members complaining about the same problem, have you made an effort to detect the problem on your system? You might recall you had the same problem about a year or so ago?

Please help us - it is tiresome having to sign in even if you want to refresh a page!

Thank you.
Posted: 05/19/2013, 08:17:29 AM
same problem on IE and Chrome, cookies are enabled.
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Posted: 05/19/2013, 08:27:53 AM
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