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Almost Free Nude Model for Everyone? (+18)

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New article posted: Almost Free Nude Model for Everyone? (+18)
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Posted: 05/17/2013, 03:37:00 AM
Interesting...could work...but I think i'd like a real, live model.
Short reply.
Gotta go.
For some reason I need to call my wife and ask her what she's wearing.

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Posted: 05/17/2013, 05:11:48 AM
Urls are not working for me, can not seen it.
Are those you posted on the article images of dolls? Because they seem quite real.
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Posted: 05/17/2013, 07:55:47 AM
@Celiaak; nope, they are random nude images from DT. You know we have to add at least 1 image to the blog. Try the link on another browser, links look fine here.
f2.8 - Nikkor 50mm f1.4 - Nikkor 50mm f1.8 - Tamron 90mm f2....
Posted: 05/17/2013, 08:32:51 AM
This is a you still need copyright from manufacture? I was told we could not photo toys for commercial use?
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Posted: 05/17/2013, 12:59:44 PM
This is a toy, but I don't think you will need any release for it. It doesn't have a unique desin, it's like simple white tshirt. That's my personal opinion for sure.
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Posted: 05/17/2013, 13:13:47 PM
Images are nice, especially the left one. But (1) model for $$300 is NOT A FREE model and (2) I see no problem with really free models who are alive.
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Posted: 05/18/2013, 04:34:15 AM
This is really a free model:[imgr]30778209[/imgr] :))
Posted: 05/18/2013, 04:41:38 AM
I have two, after one week they become bored and want money for posing. One of them become fat, like in reality. No deal :(
Posted: 05/18/2013, 09:31:56 AM
Problem may be some of the dolls may look so real that editors may request for model releases? Things can go wrong. Some Asian ladies with heavy makeup and enhanced photos can look just like anyone of them.
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Posted: 05/18/2013, 09:58:48 AM
I'm sure my family would not be thrilled if I would order one. Then after we pass all that how will you convince DT that she is not a live person thus needing a model release?

BTW on a similar note, I went to a photo seminar and met a person who's business is to build models, not real physical ones but software models of people, and faces. Then he can change very easily the complexion (it is called texture), making transformations to the face. Now because this is a model these transformations are easy and realistic, much easier to do than with liquify of PS.
So with one basic model he can come up with hundreds of variations. Extremely photorealistic. He says that the days of live models and long hours in front of the camera are numbered.

He sells his creations as book covers and posters. maybe through some stock sites.
Posted: 05/18/2013, 09:58:55 AM
Would be awesome to have one of those life size dolls ^_^
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Posted: 05/18/2013, 14:25:24 PM
Thanks for all the opinions :) I think you can add the "silicone doll" detail in the explanation, it will easily solve the release problem. Since the doll can't sue you for anything, I don't there will any problem. The family is a bigger issue for sure. No wife or mom will a lifesie doll in the house. But they are inflatable :)

The 3D model issue was discussed before. It's a matter of time that animations will replace human beings. See the last Tomb Raider video game's intro demo...if they can do it on a video, I can't imagine what they can do in a single frame. Maybe we should start to shoot seamless real life textures :)) (btw I already started)
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Posted: 05/18/2013, 19:18:50 PM
Interesting, thanks for sharing, they look totally real.
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Posted: 05/19/2013, 15:13:56 PM
What can I say...Looks real to me!)And images are very great!Interesting toy!;)
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Posted: 05/19/2013, 17:51:08 PM
Would you have to forge the MR for her/him? :D
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Posted: 05/21/2013, 12:45:09 PM
@Silvastrings, I'll be able to give you a certain answer, in a couple of weeks :))
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Posted: 05/22/2013, 07:24:48 AM
It looks like a 3-D rendered model (made with 3D rendering software). She doesn't look real but this type of image can be useful in certain fantasy art compositions...
Posted: 05/23/2013, 08:16:49 AM
They can sit? Or just lay in bed?
Posted: 05/23/2013, 08:45:33 AM
Alvera, as far as I know, (not an expert) they can sit, lay and do everything a regular human can do.
f2.8 - Nikkor 50mm f1.4 - Nikkor 50mm f1.8 - Tamron 90mm f2....
Posted: 05/23/2013, 09:19:24 AM
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