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Who makes real money from recent uploads?

Hi Everyone,

Wondering who makes real money from recent uploads? By 'real money' I'm referring to $300-$500 a month minimum. I've been searching recent uploads the last several days in the nature category and am noticing only a handful of sales being made from beginning of February onward! I search 200 pages in each category under nature for recent uploads and it seems virtually nothing is selling from the last 4 months? Is this normal for stock photography or am I looking at this all wrong?

Regards Tanya
Posted: 05/20/2013, 07:41:36 AM
Nature and landscape pics don't sell that good in general. But if you have other genres in your portfolio as well nature and landscape photos will enrich it a lot.
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Posted: 05/20/2013, 08:40:51 AM
Nature and landscape pics aren't fiery sellers. I have a few in my portfolio that I really felt like uploading but of all the sales they do the worst. I don't quite do $300 - $500 per month but I think if you are aiming for that amount per month you should shift your attention away from nature and possible move towards travel/portrait/concept photography.
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Posted: 05/20/2013, 14:59:56 PM
I don't really understand what you are asking. Do you mean $300 - $500 per month off one recent image or do you mean off 10 recent images or 100 recent images? My guess is that the majority of people on here don't make that much money overall with their total earnings from all their images old or new and certainly not from images uploaded in the last couple of months.
New images usually take several months to take off here on DT and as Dieniti and Miraclemoments say nature and landscape don't often get great sales.
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Edited: 05/20/2013, 15:09:43 PM
That amount of money is also highly dependant on portfolio size as well as what you have in your PF
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Posted: 05/20/2013, 15:33:30 PM
If you want to make sales, you need to shoot what sells, not what you like to shoot.
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Posted: 05/20/2013, 16:18:50 PM
Peanutroaster is 100% spot on. If you research what sells in stock, than you have a chance of having high sales. Having a large portfolio also plays a role as well. If you are looking to have stock as a serious income then you need to start uploading more. It takes time and lots of trial and error, so don't worry if things aren't going as quickly as you would like. Most have us have been there before and we feel your pain, but that's part of the game.
Good luck.
Posted: 05/20/2013, 20:46:32 PM
IMHO people pictures sell the best of all: people interacting, ethnic mix, roll reversal, working, playing, families, etc. And not super models either, every day people doing everyday things. Fresh material is endless. Of course, there is a need for the highly polished concept photos too. But, what I mentioned sells on a more regular basis.

Try to anticipate seasons and holidays. Shoot several months in advance. Eg - shoot Christmas concepts in July or August. Earlier the better because it takes several months for your new images to work their way through the database, and you want them available with enough working time for editors to plan their use.

Go to a news stand or one of the big book stores to look at magazine racks. Minus out the glam mags and gossip rags and take a look at the 'everyday' magazines. Look at covers and insides to see what is being used.

When you know what kind of photos you want to shoot, look for those kinds of mags for examples of how they are being used. Don't copy! Just look at a lot of images so the overall concept sinks in. Then go about your business and produce from your point of view.
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Posted: 05/20/2013, 21:51:38 PM
I have 100% Illustrations / vectors in my portfolio.. And they all are selling well. Try to make what your buyers want, not you want.. Then a lot of sales will come... :)
Good luck.
Posted: 05/21/2013, 00:08:32 AM
I don't know that it is very realistic to make 300-500 dollars a month on just new images (within the past couple of months) no matter what you are shooting. It takes time for images to accumulate sales, gain higher levels (for more $), and move up in the search ranks.

A good mix of older and newer images is the best way to ensure a steady income, IMO.
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Posted: 05/23/2013, 12:24:21 PM
Thank you everyone. My apologies for the late reply. I've been sailing through the Whitsundays here in Australia the last 4 days with little Internet connection. I'll take all your comments on board. I guess I was expecting to see more sales for everyone if I searched 200 pages through the nature categories. I think I'll target more travel/concept photography and less nature/landscape as I live in a high travel area. I literally have thousands of images yet to upload that I've taken over the last couple of years. I had them all sitting on my hard drive not being seen, and thought I may as well upload to stock sites and see how they go. Thanks again, it's very much appreciated :)
Posted: 05/24/2013, 03:26:03 AM
REmember that buyers, depending on teh market shop for images 6-12 months ahead. Calanders are 12 month min, greeting card are usually 6 months. SO if you uploaded Christmas images in November and December, it may not be till Next Juen or July when they sell.
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Posted: 05/24/2013, 13:07:19 PM
Thank you for that tip Nikon4004. I never knew that!
Posted: 05/24/2013, 18:38:46 PM