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The Land of Rejected Images

Is there a place in the Contributors management area that I can see a list of all my rejected images? Not that I have a lot you see. :) I was deleting emails until I realized that may be all I have to go on. Is that the case?
Posted: 05/23/2013, 16:25:23 PM
Here it is, but rejected images are kept there for a week only. Some of them can be corrected, resubmitted and accepted. So, try to be in time. Good luck. Hope it helps.
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Edited: 05/23/2013, 17:10:47 PM
that's it after they auto delete from the "rejected files" area but you can click on Upload/(History) and see all files you have ever uploaded and figure it out from there maybe i think.
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Posted: 05/23/2013, 17:11:06 PM
Thank you! Fortunately I just realized I hadn't deleted the emails, so I'm good.
Posted: 05/23/2013, 23:32:27 PM
Upload History doesn't show everything ever uploaded, I think it goes back to just a few months!
Posted: 06/05/2013, 03:23:02 AM