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Greetings from Venice

I am a photographer by hobby.
Shooting mainly photo to a very specific subject.

The most beautiful city in the world!

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Posted: 05/24/2013, 12:08:12 PM
Ciao Ifelix! Ah you are so correct, Venice is beautiful! Thanks for the memories and good luck. :)
Posted: 05/24/2013, 16:46:33 PM
Hello Ifelix, Your images are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more. :)
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Posted: 05/24/2013, 21:43:48 PM
Hi and welcome.
I have not visited your city, but hope to do it son.
Good luck here and enjoy.
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Posted: 06/01/2013, 11:02:15 AM
Hi Ifelix! Welcome to DT!! Some beautiful images you've in your Port. Keep submitting such images and wish you lot of sales. :)
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Posted: 06/01/2013, 11:22:58 AM
Thanks to all.
AFS f/2.8 micro Nikon SB700...
Posted: 06/01/2013, 12:40:41 PM
Venice is Gorgeous. i regret not taking my good camera to venice when i visited. i was a bit worried about all the water lol. silly me. good luck with your pics. i'm sure you'll get sales soon.
Posted: 06/02/2013, 01:50:19 AM
welcome to dt! great photos. good luck and many sales.
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Posted: 06/02/2013, 12:34:52 PM
Welcome to DT, good luck here!
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Posted: 06/02/2013, 13:26:58 PM
Hi, welcome on DT and good luck here !!!
Greetings from another beautiful city: Rome !
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Posted: 06/04/2013, 02:28:22 AM