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Video critique - First attempt at a decent video!

Hey guys and girls...

I would like your opinion on a video I directed, produced and edited with my kinda-sorta-ex-girlfriend last sunday. She's a dancer and we were planning on making a dance video for a while and finally did it. It's all improv on her side but what I'd really like to know is about the quality of the video and editing. I'm starting with video recently so I'd love some feedback, if it's not too much trouble.

This is the link to the video on youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGmkzNP-edY

Thanks a LOT,
Dan! :D
Posted: 05/28/2013, 08:15:59 AM
in Germany i can`t watch this video...

“This video is not available in Germany because it possibly contains music for which GEMA hasn’t approved the rights.”
Posted: 05/28/2013, 08:37:50 AM
Ohh.. That sucks. The song she danced to is Turning Tables by Adele. Shame you can't see it there! :(
Posted: 05/28/2013, 09:13:12 AM
I watched the video. The best part for me was the video and editing. However, I found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGeQrWdlEF4 ...not sure if you did this one, but I see it was uploaded by same person....this one I liked both the editing and the dancing...because it looked like they were having so much fun...made me smile, kept my interest. Sorry I am no way a professional, so please don't let my opinion upset you in anyway...I think you are doing great. :)
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Posted: 05/28/2013, 11:28:22 AM
Thanks for the reply Suyerry. I didn't film the second one but I did help with the editing. For me, what really matters is the video and editing. The dancing is up to her and we were both a bit tired for the first (my) video. We woke up at 6am after having slept only 2 hours! LOL And there were loads of moskitos attacking us too! Anyway, thanks a lot for the feedback! :D
Posted: 05/28/2013, 14:18:28 PM