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100 dollars and disable button

I have -100 USD earning balance, and Drimstime gave me such as reason:

"Due to reasons which are beyond our control, we are sorry to let you know that $92.75 have been removed from your earnings as result of a refund for file [..]"

So some one still them my artworks and they don't fill guilty, so I've decided to remove whole my portfolio from Dreamstime.

and question is: who to do that????

"Disable" button doesn't work..

How to remove whole portfolio instead of going file by file?
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Posted: 05/29/2013, 08:49:16 AM
I had that happen to me on another stock site.... 20 images bought, 20 refunds. As we all want in most situations is to have the opportunity to change our mind in a 3 day period after we purchase something. Buyers are afforded the same.

Being new, I cannot answer your question on how to remove your profile. My apologies.
Posted: 05/29/2013, 08:58:14 AM
@Vectorminator: We realize refunds may be frustrating and especially if they come for a considerable amount. Refunds are provided based on our refund policy:
Refund terms
Once we issue a refund, we also withdraw the licenses so any subsequent usage of the images is liable to legal claims from the copyright owners.

We are sorry you have decided to terminate the account due to this refund. We do our best to prevent such incidents and we hope you understand that sometimes refunds need to be issued. We noticed that you have been a member for a long time and would like to ask you to reconsider this decision. refunds are an exception, not a rule for your sales.

There is no bulk disable option for accounts so the images need to be disabled one by one. You can find more info in our terms and the FAQ section:

We have also explained the reasons for this massive refund in your account by email last month. We cannot provide additional explanation to what we have already told you. Unfortunately this is a fraud case and we cannot keep the amount in our accounts. Such refunds are issued at the bank's request.
Edited: 05/29/2013, 09:55:50 AM by Admin