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Magazine Cover - Bunch of flowers by Talisalex

We're using the above-referenced photo on the cover of our July-August 2013 magazine. Beautiful work. Thank you!!
Posted: 05/29/2013, 15:03:50 PM
That's really fantastic....I am sure Talisalex will be thrilled! Thanks for sharing!

Bunch Of Flowers
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Edited: 05/29/2013, 21:28:04 PM
Great news and thank your for sharing!! We're sure that Talisalex will be as thrilled as we all are!! :))
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Posted: 05/29/2013, 21:41:42 PM
Very nice image and congratulations to Talisalex. No doubt the magazine should look very attractive :-) Thanks for sharing as photographers are always very glad to know how their photos are used.
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Edited: 05/29/2013, 22:53:47 PM
Thanks for all the feedback. We use dreamstime.com for ALL our magazine covers! We find 6 or 7 potential pics, copy the thumbnails (with the white spiral in the middle), and then at least 4 or 5 of us choose our favorite!! I've told other magazine editors about dreamstime, too! We believe this is the best resource there is! Have a great day!!
Posted: 05/30/2013, 08:44:04 AM
Yes, thanks for the feedback. It is too rare that we know about the use of our picture!
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Posted: 05/30/2013, 10:32:22 AM
I am glad to hear you are so happy with Dreamstime! Thank you for spreading the word. You have a nice website.
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Edited: 06/29/2013, 10:01:43 AM
Thanks, Chanevy. I'm going to search for your photos now. :)
Posted: 07/02/2013, 09:22:55 AM
Hello Masterkey! Thanks for using our pics!
If you have a special request or are in need of a pic you can not find here, let us know as well. We can ask for priority review and give you what you need.
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Posted: 07/02/2013, 09:57:55 AM
Wow, that's great, Dieniti. Thanks and have a great day!
Posted: 07/02/2013, 10:37:36 AM