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Using Abstract Keywords

I just sold an image where someone had searched for "beautiful." I never use this kind of abstract word in my set of keywords. Any opinions out there? It looks like it might be a good idea. I would add this word to every photo I uploaded. ;o)
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Posted: 06/03/2013, 12:30:08 PM
There is a special thread dedicated to the subject. Explanation can be found there. Hope, it helps.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
To me it sounded more like OP did put the word "beautiful" in the description, and then was surprised someone used it as a sole search word - is it correct? I do put "abstract" (very general) keywords in my photo description, and sometimes buyers do search for these words. Examples (all of them were single word searches):

- expanse
- serene
- nightmare
- abstract
- shape
- landscape
- unusual

But these are a relatively small fraction of all the purchases (less than 10 percent).
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Edited: 1 minute ago
You should only use it if it applies to your image.If a buyer finds loads of your images that the keyword does not apply to they could stop looking at your portfolio
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Posted: 06/05/2013, 12:12:06 PM