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A Buyers Section

I'd like to suggest a Designers/Buyers Section placed on the Message Boards main page. It would be geared specifically towards them and their needs; meaning only Buyers can start threads there and Admin/Sellers reply. Then the Message Boards link under Designers Area tab should say Designer or Buyer Message Boards and it go directly to (open up at) that specific section, though they can still access entire message board if they wish.

My thought is many buyers may prefer their own section that they can go to whether it's for a question, a specific image, saying where they used a DT image, etc. Most buyers don't have the time or inclination to go on the hunt through tons of threads to figure out where they should place a thread or want to read through many due to time constraints.

Thus having a section clearly marked for Buyers might give them the incentive to take that extra time to post, with ease and less confusion, their query/request/etc. :) Just a thought....
Posted: 06/06/2013, 10:00:26 AM
They have already got the Photo and Illustration request part of the forum and most other questions are probably best asked directly to support rather than on the forums.
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I personally don't look at every thread nor go to ever section or subject found on the main page. Yet quite by accident I found threads in places they really didn't belong or that I would think of looking in for requests/giving advise/etc. posted by Buyers. Having a detailed area specifically marked for Designers just makes good business practice for them and for those of us that don't look at all the posts of the day; simple, easy, more productive. IMHO Honestly I'd look over the Designers section more and the boards less hunting for what a buyer had to say or needed that might be in a place I wouldn't think of looking.

And I understand we're not here to answer business/sales questions. :)

Posted: 06/10/2013, 16:40:00 PM