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Vectorize a bitmap.

New article posted: Vectorize a bitmap.
Inkscape, gimp and other softwares
Posted: 06/09/2013, 16:34:50 PM
That is solved smoothly with Corel Draw X6. Has a special tool to reduce the nodes. Just select all and then navigating a button that is eliminating leaving only the necessary nodes. Solve the problem in a matter of SECONDS.
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Posted: 06/10/2013, 12:07:42 PM
Also inkscape has something similar, but that option doesn't work very well because it deletes the useless nodes modifying also the shapes of the lines! :(
Inkscape, gimp and other softwares
Posted: 06/12/2013, 07:04:02 AM
Very creative and beautiful pictures, I wish you good luck!
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Posted: 06/15/2013, 19:15:41 PM
Thank You Hanbaoluan ;)
I just see Your portfolio and I want to post here one of Your images: I find it magnificent a very explotion of color an beauty :)

Inkscape, gimp and other softwares
Posted: 06/15/2013, 19:28:03 PM