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Email Flood

Today, I'm starting to get an email everytime somebody posts in the thread "Post your most viewed with no sales." This is an old thread, and I've never subscribed to follow this thread. When I follow the link to unsubscribe, at the bottom of the email, it says that I have already unsubcribed.

Anybody else seeing this? (I contacted support)
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II
Posted: 06/11/2013, 07:29:21 AM
Yes Rimglow, Ive had about six too.
Metz flash, 170-500 Sigma zoom. I still use a variety of 35mm Nikon f...
Posted: 06/11/2013, 09:01:05 AM
Weird. Maybe you should post to the thread and see if the emails stop...
Nikon D5100 and Canon G10
Posted: 06/14/2013, 20:38:15 PM