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Will I be able to group a "Series" together ?

I'm working out a trade with a owner of a really nice Landscaping garden center to do a photo shoot using his place in return for carpet cleaning services from my business. There will be about 5 or maybe 6 models in this shoot total, and not every model will be in every photo obviously. We may even do 2 separate shoots and end up with 50 to 60 photos in this series. So what I'd like to know is:

If a customer can be introduced to all photos in this series in case they would have an ongoing project and might want to pick out 15 or so photos, which may not have the same models in all of the shots. If they find 1 garden shot when searching how will they know I have an entire series from this shoot featuring various models of different ages and ethnicities ?
THANKS for any replies !
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Posted: 06/12/2013, 01:48:34 AM
You can make a managed collection. If you also include other people's images then it will be searchable by buyers.
If you keep it to only your images there will be a link to it on your main page but I doubt that many buyers go checking out many peoples main pages.
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Well maybe I can suggest that we can mark a set as a series if they are the same shoot and related... example is teenage or young couple arriving at garden center, shopping for plants, getting assistance from clerk, store workers watering plants, teen couple paying for their stuff, manager on phone handling a customer... all in the same similar lighting, color correction, etc..

Might be handy for ongoing blogs, a start to finish project, etc and customer can see them all at once very easily, making it easy and tempting to just buy them all !
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