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New here

I'm a 23 year old photographer
Love what I do
waiting on some of my stuff to be accepted or rejected
I hope I get some accepted.
anyways Nice to be on this site
and get to know everyone.

Nikon D3000 External flash
Posted: 06/14/2013, 11:38:00 AM
good luck! I wish you the best of luck.

don't be discouraged if some of your pictures that you thought were great get rejected, we all go through it.
Nikon 1V1 Mirrorless ...
Posted: 06/14/2013, 13:26:59 PM
Welcome to DT Sammy! Good luck with your first uploads. Looking forward to seeing your first images. :)
Nikon Equipment, Nikon Lenses, Professional Photo Software
Posted: 06/14/2013, 21:03:30 PM
Welcome -- I agree don't get discouraged if some things get rejected--we have all had things rejected!
Photoshop Canon and Nikon
Posted: 06/14/2013, 21:56:36 PM
Hello Sammy welcome to Dreamstime. Good luck with your uploads. Keep uploading and your acceptance rate will grow as you learn what is required, and sales will follow. All the best.
IS, Cannon 70-200, Canon 100-400 IS. Giotto tripod....
Posted: 06/15/2013, 00:25:45 AM
Welcome, have fun! :)
100 f/2.8 Macro...
Posted: 06/15/2013, 02:14:51 AM
Welcome and good luck.
Nikon d3000
Posted: 06/15/2013, 03:02:41 AM
Canon 5D MKII 50mm f1.8 28mm 70mm f2.8 60mm f2.8 macro
Posted: 06/15/2013, 05:14:36 AM
Welcome to DT!
50mm macro, Tamron SP 17-50mm f2.8 Xr DiII, Tamron SP 70-300 f4-5.6 D...
Posted: 06/15/2013, 16:32:28 PM
welcome to dt! good luck.
Nikon D50, 60mm Macro
Posted: 06/15/2013, 21:14:38 PM
Thanks for all the luck everyone!
Nikon D3000 External flash
Posted: 06/16/2013, 09:41:16 AM
Welcome Sammy, this is a great place, lots of people here willing to help. Good luck in your downloads.
Fuji X-T1 , Fuji X100s, 14mm , 23mm, 27mm, 35mm & 60mm lenses
Posted: 06/17/2013, 04:28:26 AM