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Re-Submitted Photos??

Just wondering if others are having problems with resubmits? I have one that has been pending for between 9-12 hours (hours keep going up and down) for 8 days now.

I have contacted support. Looking forward to seeing it hopefully online soon. :)
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Posted: 06/20/2013, 06:16:12 AM
I had a similar problem it finally got approved. Might be a system glitch. Also, I was in the middle of re-submitting an image when the power went off, not fun got back into DT and only the new image was there and not the one that was originally refused so I could not re-submit. I contacted support but there was nothing they could do since the image was gone from the rejected folder. Darn Hydro Quebec.
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Posted: 06/20/2013, 06:24:18 AM
Support will solve you, good luck.
Posted: 06/20/2013, 07:38:13 AM
Refused images are automatically deleted from the server after a period of time. Resubmissions are usually reviewed in the same day with the refusal or in the next working day.
Sometimes, due to various factors, the review time can be longer - if your resubmission is older than 48 hours you can ask support about it.
Posted: 06/20/2013, 10:11:41 AM
It was my mistake, I was suppose to submit it as a new image, instead of re-submitting. Because it was a file I originally sent in for assignment. DT is now working to fix for me. Thank you DT!
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Edited: 1 minute ago
I had the same problem with resubmissions. Now I correct the problem with the image, wait a week or so and submit as a new image.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Same problem here....I stay 3 days since i resubmit pictures again.....

I don;t know if it is normal to stay and to wait again almost same tine for a resubmitted photo.
Posted: 06/21/2013, 08:59:18 AM
As you know, resubmissions go to the same reviewer who saw your images the first time. Please keep in mind that it is summer and some reviewers may go on vacation. It can take more than usual for resubmissions to be reviewed.
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Posted: 06/21/2013, 09:11:29 AM
I Had an image refused because of a copyright issue only, instead of resubmitting i corrected the copyright issue and submited as a new file and it was refused as poor lighting. Probably best to always resubmit instead of new file.
Posted: 06/21/2013, 11:13:20 AM
I propose another reviewer to watch for resubmissions....for me of course...:)
Posted: 06/21/2013, 12:23:47 PM
Resubmission since 06/19/2013 :)

still waiting
Posted: 06/25/2013, 03:36:51 AM
Please write support about your resubmissions.
And make sure to read admin comments before submitting new comments, otherwise it will look like you just don't care about our answers.
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