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Hi! A couple of new member questions.

I'm a new member--just had my first photos accepted this week. I have a couple of questions. 1. A few of my photos had views by the time I was aware they'd been accepted. But they've had no views since then, and the other photos have had none. Is that normal? 2. Can we add a badge to a Flickr page? Thanks!
Posted: 06/21/2013, 19:12:47 PM
1. Is normal.
2. Use code from this page:

Good luck.
Posted: 06/21/2013, 20:02:35 PM
One more question....I had a photo which was rejected show up in my portfolio today. I'm just wondering if this is normal, or if it might be a mistake.
Posted: 06/27/2013, 01:15:22 AM
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