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Canon 1000D..help plz??

I noticed that my pics are out of quality dark and has dots and i have to edit every bit of it every time i take a new photo and i cant shoot in dark places and low quality,..there should be alot of light ...i only take out door photos never indoor
and till now have never shoot any products or indoor photos bec i have been told that my camera needs too much light when indoor in order to produce a normal indoor photo unlike other cameras
my camera model is Canon 1000D ...I was wondering if any one has tried it? and has the same problem???or its just me?
i dont have a flash light or anything like that i just use the natural sunlight outdoors...im dying to do some studio indoor photos..i tried but the photos were very dark and not clear and the photos was not approved on DT

i was wondering if should be replacing the body to something higher like 500D..
is that necessary since i don"t make money from photos so it will cost me much
is there any other solution. is it the camera fault or i am doing anything wrong?
can anyone enlighten me please? any ideas

what kind of lens i should be using if i want to do indoor products photos and what equipment i need?

thanks i will appreciate your help alot
Posted: 06/22/2013, 02:44:56 AM
Unfortunately, you described your problems not clear enough to understand what happened with your 1000d. Being at your place I would go to certified Canon service and ask them.

To shoot indoor you need a lens with a high aperture - cheap Canon EF 50mm/1.8 is a good solution, on my experience, though it has also some disadvantages. Alternative is to use flash(es) - not built-in one, of course, that should be switched off forever. Very good solution is to use high-aperture lens along with flash. But all this depends on how much money you are able/want to invest.

I am affraid that nobody is able to answer you regarding all your questions. For sure, 500d exceeds 1000d by some important features. And L-series lenses are better than EF-S 18-55/3.5-5/6. But nobody is able to take decision for you. There are people who are experiensed in some technical details. But there are no people who know your inner world, your wishes and your circumstances (except for you).

If you would: (1) describe you problem in more details; (2) tell us how much money are you ready to spend for upgrade/repair - then, I am sure, lot of people would be able to give you specific and useful advise.
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Edited: 06/23/2013, 08:18:09 AM
Sounds like either a dirty sensor or a noise problem due to high ISO.
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Posted: 06/24/2013, 12:36:10 PM
I'm not sure about the 1000D, but some other cameras from Canon have this problem too. It is not a camera problem. You are probably just having problems with a camera mode.
Do this:

At night time, when your room is lit by normal room lighting like CFL or bulbs....do the following:

Set camera to manual mode.
Set f-number to f/8 or f/6.3...something between these.
Set shutter speed to 15 sec.
Keep flash off.
Take a photo. Try to keep your hand reasonably steady. See what you get. Of course you'd get a blurred photo but it should be bright enough. If it is still coming out dark, then there is a problem with your camera or lens aperture. Time to visit the service center for advice.

MANY Canon cameras, especially super zoom models and certain DSLR models...they internally limit the shutter speed in Av (aperture priority) mode to 1 sec. So if you try indoor shooting, almost all your photos would be underexposed.

Let me know what happened with this test. :)
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Posted: 1 minute ago
I had 1000D in the past, very capable camera, no problem with it. It sounds OP needs to learn how to shoot properly under low light conditions. (Flashes/modifiers, tripod, Av or manual mode etc.).
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Posted: 1 minute ago