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New on the block - Hello everyone

Hello, I have so enjoyed reading everyone's postings and reviewing your work! I am new at the stock world and joined DT in may. While I continue having a significant learning curve, I have stuck with it with enthusiasm. I started with photo submissions which resulted in a high rate of declines, then decided to start submitting my watercolor paintings, which I am also new at this year and it has resulted in a significantly improved acceptance rate so for now until I take some classes in photography, I will focus on watercolors! This week I had four sales. Funny after being in the professional world working in a non related occupation earning in the six figures, the $1.40 I made this week made me much happier than my bi-weekly work paycheck!
Posted: 06/28/2013, 09:19:07 AM
Welcome! You do have some very nice illustration work in your portfolio!! Best of luck to you here on DT!
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Posted: 06/28/2013, 09:59:07 AM
Thank you! My experience at DT has been great!
Posted: 06/28/2013, 10:09:28 AM
Welcome to DT, sales do brighten a day!
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Posted: 06/28/2013, 11:19:21 AM
Congrats! Nice watercolor paintings! Wish you the best of luck with uploads and sales! :)
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Posted: 0 hours ago
Suyerry, Thank you ~ I really enjoyed looking at your photographs, and thumbs up on your flag photograph!
Posted: 0 hours ago
Love your drawing on portfolio.
Nice to meet you, Nylakatara2013.
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Posted: 07/21/2013, 11:34:43 AM
Yadamons, thank you! I seem to get my watercolors accepted, but have a tough time with my photographs, your photographs look great. Thanks again.
Posted: 0 hours ago
Welcome! Nice illustration!
Posted: 08/30/2013, 06:19:35 AM
Thank you everyone!
Posted: 0 hours ago
Hi Nylakatara2013, A warm welcome to DT. I am like you, new to stock photography and have been in DT for a few weeks. I know what you mean about getting excited about 40c (my first sale!). May I ask you, with your watercolor paintings, how do you prepare it for DT. Do you photograph it or get it professionally scanned? Cheers !
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Posted: 09/19/2013, 07:53:16 AM
Hi there, welcome to DT, you have some lovely work, well done. Hope you have good luck and many sales
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Posted: 09/20/2013, 10:43:38 AM