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Tell me your opinion!

Do you like this photo?    Old street in summer, Znojmo   
Canon EOS 600D
Posted: 07/05/2013, 12:36:46 PM

Originally posted by Maranelo66:
Quoted Message: Do you like this photo?    Old street in summer, Znojmo   

Not much going on, would find it more interesting if there were some people. But thats my opinion =)
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Thank you! I am a beginner. I hope that the next photo will be better :)
Canon EOS 600D
Posted: 1 minute ago
You should Remove the wire at least.
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Posted: 1 minute ago
The image was approved for sale, so if we like it or not is less important. If someone will need an image from that location, will buy it.

Composition is ok. But shadows are too strong and that wire is a little disturbing. Nobody will buy this to make a postcard or as inspiration for an oil painting. This photo show the reality from that location and is a good stock photo.
Keep working, good luck.
Posted: 1 minute ago
For all location photos like this, the first thing I would do is remove the distracting elements like the wire. Not necessary but really improves photos.
Do you know about "fill flash"? Read about it. Wouldn't work for this photo but works for most cases. I personally avoid directly sunlit days though.

Otherwise a nice photo for some buyer who wants to add a subject himself. :)
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Edited: 07/06/2013, 02:47:07 AM
Fill flash works only on close subjects :) but maybe a 100,000 Watts/sec flash will do the job in this case :)
Posted: 07/06/2013, 02:47:03 AM
Yeah. Like if you have a scene with the subject under a tree and a harsh shadow under the tree. Then you can use fill flash for best effect.

You're just starting off. You'd get used to everything. :)
55-250mm standard lenses. Dual tube macro flash and external speedlit...
Posted: 07/06/2013, 02:49:38 AM
Thank you for your advices. :)
Canon EOS 600D
Posted: 07/06/2013, 03:11:56 AM
what else to add.

Focus : ok
composition : classic
color/contrast : ok

Now, the question is : will it sell? We will see.
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Posted: 07/06/2013, 07:55:22 AM
Even a 100.000 watts flash won't work, because it will blow the foreground. You should place it equally away from the shadows...maybe on the sky :))

Instead of fill flash, you can use fill-light in the post-process. When outdoors, I generally take +0,3 or +0,7 step overexposed images and use post-processing to save the highlights, it gives me more option when I want to fill the shadows ;)

I think the photo has a nice stock concept. But, I agree about the wire idea. Always check your photos and even wait for 1-2 days and look again before you upload. I always do and almost always find things to correct. You become blind of misperfections when you look too much in a particular photo.

Keep them coming :)
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Posted: 07/12/2013, 04:44:58 AM