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No image found?

Tried uploading a jpg of my eps file several times and I get the message "no image found." New to Dreamstime, not to microstock. What gives?
Posted: 07/13/2013, 09:26:42 AM
Maybe the jpg file needs to be increased to a larger size. Good luck!
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Posted: 07/13/2013, 16:37:10 PM
Shelma1, jpeg files are always uploaded first, as far as my experience goes.

Are you talking about your first uploaded file that shows on your profile?
That is already a jpeg as far as I can see...if you want to upload a eps (vector)..

go to your management area..

click on your online files...

When that opens, click on the highlighted title of your image

When your file opens look for the.... "Additional format uploaded" line and upload your eps file..

eps files take quite a bit longer to be accepted...depending on how many are ahead of yours.

What I do is... upload a jpeg image first and when that is accepted then I go in and upload the eps file.
I have not had much luck in doing both at the same time.
Remember both the jpeg and eps file must be exactly the same image and size.

Good luck!
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Posted: 07/13/2013, 22:18:19 PM
Thanks, all. I'm trying to upload a second jpg. I'm concerned that the file may be too small...in which case I'd have to re-output all my files at a larger size. They're certainly large enough for other major micro sites. This may be why I don't really upload to Dreamstime.
Posted: 07/14/2013, 07:42:29 AM
If you use your management area, click the "history" link under "upload images". This will give you a list of all your uploads. If you have a problem with an image, like not RGB or file size too small, it will list it here. The list can be really helpful if you having issues with an image, but not sure what.
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Posted: 07/16/2013, 11:28:34 AM
I had the same problem. I will tell you how to fix it (if its like mine).

When you export the JPEG look at the colors (default is CMYK) click on the drop down menu and choose (RGB) and than export it. When I was saving my Jpegs in CMYK I even couldn't upload them :)
Posted: 08/20/2013, 23:46:55 PM