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For those who need inspiration

New article posted: For those who need inspiration
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Posted: 07/16/2013, 15:22:09 PM
Oh, thanks for referring to the Discovery Channel docu on Ethiopia :). It is one of my favorite destinations and I have some pictures on Ethiopian Christian culture in my portfolio, mostly more North in Ethiopia than where Joeyl was taking pictures, which are inspiring indeed.[imgr]https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-ethiopian-orthodox-priest-cross-image28463642[/imgr] I hope to process some Indian ones in the near future for upload here.
Posted: 07/17/2013, 02:12:19 AM
I love these photos. I think you captured the event really well. Good job!
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Posted: 07/17/2013, 06:49:07 AM
Good to know, thanks.
Posted: 07/17/2013, 07:20:07 AM
Your photos are amazing. thanks for sharing.
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Posted: 07/17/2013, 18:25:19 PM
Great inspiration, thank you! Joey L is really amazing, he's only 23, and started entering comps at 15 with a point and shoot, he now uses phase one cameras and has been around the world. When you have passion and commitment.....
Your pics are great for documenting events. I see a lot of Joey L's photos are controlled (on the quick portfolio link), so more time to work with the people. I guess starting with people around you, family friends etc will help (these people are usually willing to sit for hours while you tweak equipment :) Also, in a controlled environment, you can play more with lighting, and even if you don't have the fancy lighting, you can be creative with natural lighting and home/diy lighting.
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Posted: 07/18/2013, 04:42:41 AM
I like these images and I think that the best way to capure real events like these is to utilise the natural light. One can be more or less fortunate in relation to natural light conditions, but I personally would not use an additional lighting except flash unit.
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Posted: 07/18/2013, 10:19:58 AM
To take pictures that good, at that age, you have to be a major workaholic, master promoter salesman and artist/technician. Few people have all those qualities. That's why he is where is is doing the things he wants to do. He also uses pretty sophisticated lighting techniques for his "posed" shots. Give him a call and tell him you want to be is assistant!
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Posted: 07/19/2013, 06:19:56 AM
great shots! thanks for sharing.
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Posted: 07/19/2013, 10:58:33 AM
Good work!Thank you for sharing!
Posted: 07/19/2013, 13:57:38 PM
The photos are so impressive!!! Thank you very much for sharing with us!!
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Posted: 07/23/2013, 08:44:30 AM