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Magic Book used as my Avatar

I spent a year buying credits and buying lots of photos for my avatar. I use the name Bookluvr on a caregiving website. I finally chose this and finally someone on the site told me to stop changing and this is her favorite. It matches me. I just love the color and how pretty it is. In a couple of more months, I will be itching to change it. And I will definitely come back to DT for more photos. You all do Excellent photos! Thank you!

Sergey Khakimullin Magic Book 29795149
Posted: 07/18/2013, 05:27:58 AM
Thank you soo much for letting us know!!!
Hope you find many more Pictures you can use ;-)
10 Photoshop elements premiere 10 Lightroom 5...
Posted: 07/18/2013, 12:39:46 PM
Thanks for posting! Hope you will keep coming back! :)
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Posted: 1 minute ago