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Stockuploader V1.9 for pc and V1.5.1 for mac released

Hey guys!

i released version 1.9 for pc and 1.5.1 for mac!

for those who never heared of stockuploader, its a free tool designed for photographers who submit theyr pictures to multiple agencies. it speeds up the process by uploading automatically a bunch of pictures to all your sites based on filters you define.

hope you like it!


if you dont mind i would enjoy a feedback! even if negative!

suggestions are welcome!
Edited: 07/20/2013, 07:15:18 AM

i did no tried any multiple agency software upload ... mainly because of the security reasons. This software is web based or is an independent FTP client?

Thank you!
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Posted: 1 minute ago
Hello! thanks for your question!

nice to see interested people! if you search online you will find reviews about the program, the last one has been posted on backyardsilver.com.

this software is not webbased.. its on your pc and ALL sensitive data is on your computer in a file called agencies.db3 (dont send this file to anybody!!). it is a totally indipendent client.

the program DOES send a message to the homepage after each upload. this message is something like "hey, there has been an upload!" and is TOTALLY ANONYMOUS. this can be verified by any skilled computerfreak with programs like wireshark. and is only used for statistical reasons. (you can see the number on top of the homepage)

at NO TIME your personal agency data is sent to me or to any third party. the program contacts the FTP directly.

if you have any other question feel free to ask! :)


Edited: 1 minute ago