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Report misuse - only watermarked ??

I found this site that it seems to be given away (free download) wallpaper images.

Among them I found two of my own


How can I report this ? As I understand the misuse button only consider watermarked images. What if they dont have a watermark as in this case ??

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Posted: 07/26/2013, 05:49:45 AM
Made a mistake, Took a closer look at them , and they are watermarked.
The site has several other images with DT and others agencies watermarks
Sent a report to DT already.

Canon gear
Edited: 07/26/2013, 06:23:01 AM
clicked on one of the links and up came some porn
Posted: 07/26/2013, 06:32:40 AM
Miraclemoments many guys are going to click on those links now :-)
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Posted: 07/26/2013, 09:15:44 AM
To answer your original question, Daniel, you can report images that are misused but are not watermarked. However, in most cases the most that will happen is that DT will send them a threatening email. If they don't comply, it usually isn't taken any farther. DT is flooded with so many misuse reports that they only follow up on a small percentage of them.

For example, I found an image of mine that was being used on a site with erotic stories. That violates the terms of the license and I reported it. DT sent the site owner an email many months ago and nothing has been done about it. I hate that my image is being used on a porn site, but short of hiring my own lawyer to pursue it, there's not much I can do since it's not a priority for DT.
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Posted: 07/27/2013, 22:58:44 PM