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Is it necessary to upload raw format images ?

Whether the purchaser has a great demand for raw format images?Most contributors do not upload raw, whether we need to upload raw, you have any thoughts on this? Contributors and purchaser, the purchaser's opinion is the most important.
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Posted: 07/27/2013, 10:34:37 AM
Not required...I stopped doing that a long time ago...the RAW file is your master that you work from. I have also not had a request from a buyer for the RAW file.
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Posted: 07/27/2013, 11:48:12 AM
As a contributor, many of my RAW files have had to be cropped before the would be accepted and therefore do not upload the RAW file to Dreamstime.

As I have now managed to get over 50 accepted images in my portfolio, I am beginning to go back to the RAW files and upload the ones that were cropped if there is no trade mark infringement or other RF requirement infringement in the original file.

That said, I think if a designer/buyer was looking at two images (ether one would work) to purchase the rights and one had a RAW file and one did not that the one with the RAW would be the purchase.
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Posted: 07/27/2013, 12:14:05 PM
I think much more valuable would be to have a real TIFF option (not the fake TIFFs DT is automatically generating from our JPEGs - what a scam!), which could optionally be 16-bit color. That could be sold for substantially higher price, for customers who value quality. I save all my important photos as 16-bit TIFF anyway.
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Posted: 07/27/2013, 13:23:36 PM
I agree with Pulsar124. I could never understand why DT was taking a JPEG file that I created/saved from a high quality 16-bit TIFF file (developed from a RAW file) and turning it back into a TIFF and not giving me the option of uploading an additional format in TIFF to "replace" their saved TIFF. I understand DT must still generate a TIFF as JPEGs degrade just setting on the hard drive. I always shoot in RAW +JPEG so I can do a quick review, but that is never the JPEG file that I upload. RAW - TIFF - JPEG always saved at highest quality.
70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di USD Lens, and Sony SAL1855 3.5-5.6/18-55 SAM Lens...
Edited: 07/27/2013, 14:45:38 PM
I never upload the RAW version. I don't want to sell my original, unedited file for subscription rates.

OTOH, I do appreciate Dreamstime uprezzing the jpegs to TIFF automatically. It's a great source of extra income with no extra work! :D
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Posted: 07/31/2013, 10:37:43 AM
I have been advised by a top stock photographer that he never ever gives up his RAW files under any circumstances, as it is his only complete proof that he is the legal and true owner of the photo in case he ever needs to take legal action himself. I assume if the customer wanted to pay a fortune to him to own said file for eternity he would be willing to work a deal, but otherwise never, so I will not make my RAW files available either unless needed to prove a file is mine.
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Posted: 08/04/2013, 21:37:26 PM
It would be really interesting to know just how many RAW images are sold.(Comment admin?) I always upload RAW after jpegs have been accepted. Having read the above comments I'm not sure I will continue doing that.
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Posted: 08/11/2013, 07:21:52 AM