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Hello from Brazil!

Hi everybody! I'm new here. I hope upload a lot of files and sell a lot!! hahahaha. I'm just joking.

I'm that it is difficult to sell fotos in the beggining, but I will keep trying! I'm just an amateur newbie photographer.

If somebody like my fotos, please comment it. I'd love to receive some feedbacks.

Thank you everybody!
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Posted: 07/29/2013, 21:27:03 PM
Welcome and congrats to you first two sales!!! Wish you much success here!
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Posted: 07/30/2013, 06:50:40 AM
Welcome to DT, you have some great shots and great to see you have sales already.
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Posted: 07/30/2013, 14:34:57 PM
You have a wonderful start to your port and 2 sales way to go. Wishing you great sales and uploads. Love the windmill. Susan
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Posted: 07/30/2013, 14:40:01 PM
Welcome to DT!
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Posted: 07/30/2013, 17:27:51 PM
Olá Eduardo, welcome to DT!

I see you already have 2 sales, thats a good start!

Now, you have do build your portfolio, so you can have more sales.

Uma pequena dica, não use acentos como em Cunhaú, os mecanismos de busca não os entendem e a imagem pode não ser achada.

Don´t use generic for places, like medieval castle in europe, you have to say which castle it is, some magazines publish about that specific castle and will look for it.

If you don´t remeber wich castle was that, do some research.

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Posted: 07/30/2013, 22:41:25 PM
welcome to dt! congrats on your first sales. keep uploading. best of luck and many sales.
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Posted: 08/01/2013, 13:08:57 PM
Hello, Edumariath.
Welcome to Dreamstime. I likes picture from Thailand, it nice picture.
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Posted: 08/12/2013, 21:15:56 PM
Welcome! :)
Posted: 08/30/2013, 06:11:00 AM