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I applied to be an exclusive Dreamstime contributor today. I am happy and excited about my decision. How long do I need to wait for an answer?
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Posted: 07/30/2013, 11:31:33 AM
Well done....takes about 7 days for approval. They will let you know by email. Good luck!
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Posted: 07/30/2013, 12:11:07 PM
Do they ever reject an application to become exclusive (assuming a contributor meets the minimum requirements of 50 uploads and exclusive representation)? If so, based on what factors?
Posted: 07/30/2013, 13:38:05 PM
Thank you Miraclemoments!
Nikon d 3100, canon powershot S95, tripod Manfrotto.
Posted: 07/30/2013, 15:21:04 PM
I believe they check to make sure that you are not selling your images elsewhere. There is no creative evaluation, only that you have at least 50 images uploaded and are not selling them on other sites.
Edited: 07/30/2013, 15:54:45 PM
Exclusive is conditional.
Posted: 07/30/2013, 19:09:45 PM
Make sure you've removed any images you are selling elsewhere before you apply for exclusivity here :)
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Posted: 07/31/2013, 10:36:08 AM
Congrats on getting your first 50 images online! Good luck with the next 50 and becoming exclusive!
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Posted: 07/31/2013, 22:13:18 PM
Lisa, thanks for the info. I'll definitely do that if I decide to apply.

Stunning portfolio, by the way. As a newbie I can learn a lot from your work and experience.
Posted: 08/01/2013, 09:11:28 AM
You will be very happy as a DT exclusive, congrats !
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Posted: 08/04/2013, 21:40:30 PM
You couldnt have chosen a better place actually. Almost considering it myself.
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Posted: 08/06/2013, 01:37:29 AM